Eonon GA5153F Android car GPS, you will Ever Need!

Very recommend this Android car DVD Player for everyone. Plus the price is perfect. You can not get a better offer somewhere.

Russellvw21 our fans on Instagram, he has a long reviews on reseller ratings: The only head unit that you will ever need! Installed in my 2012 Gti on my stock HU… All I can say is wow can. The potential of the processing power of this device is great for the price. Plus it looks almost stock OEM! My companions marvel at the technique that hooked up I have the camera up to a rear and a subwoofer. Works perfectly. GPS and Bluetooth are flawless, the surface is smooth a quick. Love it. There is so much money is can u add the unit, etc., TV-tuner, but I’m happy with the way it is. Highly recommend this Android car DVD Player for everyone. Plus the price is perfect. You can not get a better offer somewhere.

MISFIT1380805 the Purchased head unit (GA5153F) said about a month ago and all I have to say is. I will definitely order another one for my wife car! Installation was a breeze, pure plug-and-play. After installing and playing around with the head unit, it is exactly the same as with an android tablet in my dash. Access to all my apps, Google play store and all the things I normally have on my phone. Works perfectly. Had to search a little Problem with the built-in weather app, my city entered. A short E-Mail to the customer service and got very quickly the answer to a correction, they sent me a link. Update was a breeze and worked perfectly, just as you said it would. I installed this with a friend of mine who works at a very reputable custom audio shop and he was blown away at the features to install, user friendly, easy, as well-everything works and the price. In any case, and away from eonon and their products and services. Will return to a client.

Zthang shared his awesome Eonon GA5153F Android car GPS like to be with the widgets. What apps you like for your Android units? “I have had this device for a few months now, and it’s been good to me so far. I’m currently using Nova Launcher with 2 widgets: Spotify-music-controls and Tablet-talk (a great app for handling SMS messages while driving the car btw).”

One of our Spanish customers are interested in our Mazda 3 Navigation. He is a member of the mazda3forums and club Mazda forums. He writes to me in a PM that “I have observed that, in spite of abundant, the majority of the information I found about your products on the Internet is in the English language. I know that most of the world’s Internet-speak users, or at least the English can understand quite good the language as one of the most widespread languages in the world, but in the same way, I am convinced that there is a lot of potential customers to your product, speak only Spanish, and it can’t dare to purchase one of your Super-units, based on the information you will find is only in English.

What I suggest to you, is the implementation of a comprehensive examination, with the help of a video uploaded on YouTube (from this website I have not found any review in Spanish of this product), in which the whole Spanish-speaking people in the world could observe, in detail and with Spanish explanations of the virtues and full of the features of the product. The video could also be connected to the media section of your website. This proposal is to some extent influenced by them, because in some cases, users of this forum have complained that there are few “official” videos on their website, where you can see the performance of your products, and you answered that your company understand attracts customers videos, the qualities of your products is told in the first person from the thinking, by the way, I think it is a very wise policy.

In the same way, to say as I am registered vehicles in the largest forum of Mazda customers in Spain (club Mazda forums) and I dare say that it could even largest the or at least one of the the majority of the respondents in the Spanish language, and I written review in this forum also.

According to you concerning my idea, I thought it might be honest that as a “reward” for the reviews both in video and in the Spanish Mazda forum, could you maybe give me a discount on one of your devices, that would be exactly the one that I could use in my reviews, and both would win, this way; you will have a complete review in Spanish your last (and probably best) Device for Mazda vehicles, both written and in a big forum and YouTube for a ridiculous amount of money for a big company like Eonon, and I could enjoy your wonderful devices at a price I could afford. Without further ADO, and waiting your reply, receive a cordial greeting.”

So please be assured you are buying car DVD Player from Eonon, you get the best products and servicearticle search cheers. 🙂

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