Elon Musk’s mom shares silly photo of him fixing the car in 1995 – CNET

Elon Musk’s mom shares silly photo of him fixing the car in 1995 – CNET

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The cyber truck, presented by Elon Musk.


The last cyber truck window-smashing-debacle is not the first time Tesla CEO Elon Musk has had to fix a car window. On Tuesday, his mother, Maye Musk, shared a photo of a 23 – or 24-year-old, Elon is working on the broken window of the 1978 BMW in 1995. 

“And the people said they didn’t know anything about cars,” musk mother wrote in a tweet, hashtag it went “1995” and “Took This photo.”

her son immediately the connection to the embarrassing public introduction of the Tesla cyber truck to break where a Tesla-the designer threw a metal ball at the supposedly unbreakable windows — you.

Musk noted that, in his pre-billionaire days, he could not afford to pay for a mechanic to fix his car, so he did it himself with junkyard parts. “Ironic that I broke my replacement side window glass,” he admitted. “The circle is complete, lol.”

musk went on to say, the car in 1978, BMW 320i, bought it in 1993 for $1,400.

“I hotrodded it by jamming in a 5-speed gearbox from a later model I found in a Philly junkyard, if the 4-speed transmission is failed,” Musk said. He noticed that he was repairing the window, because thieves broke in and the radio stolen, “which is a value of maybe $20.”

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