Disturb, Berlin 2019 opens in just one week

Disturb, Berlin 2019 opens in just a week

Synchronize your watches, dust off your passport and pack your bags, startuppers. Disturb, Berlin 2019 starts in just seven short days. Thousands of them — representing more than 50 countries in Berlin, will arrive, ready to learn, exhibition, competition, and network for two action-Packed days.

Good news for professional procrastinators and last-minute decision-makers. Buy late registration pass to Disrupt, Berlin now, and you can save up to €200 on-the-spot-ticket-price.

There is so much to do in just two days — how you spend to your time?

Hear from the leading names, minds, creators of the early-stage-startup community. These are the people who dreamed, created, rotated, scaled, and managed. And you will tell on the hand, as it has done. Here are just two of the presentations we have on tap for you. You can find the complete list of events and presentations in the Disrupt Berlin ” 19 of the agenda.

How to Fit the Blockchain in the startup-strategy: chances are, you keep hearing about this “blockchain” thing – and maybe they are to ignore, but deep down, you know, you should probably think of how it could help your startup. To help you with that, and maybe demystify the blockchain a little bit, we are joined by Justin Drake (Ethereum Foundation), Ash Egan (accomplice VC) and Ashley Tyson (Web3 Foundation) — all of which have deep roots in the blockchain community.

From the Startup Battlefield of the IPO: In 2010, Cloudflare took on a Disrupt of the first, battle fields, and a few months ago, the company has its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. In this interview with Co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince, we are talking about Cloudflare the way to an IPO, which faced unique challenges, and what’s next for the company.

And speaking of the Startup Battlefield, don’t miss this epic throwdown as the squad of the best Start-UPS in the Main takes to start the Stage, to the world. You will pitch to a Jury of experts and compete for the Disrupt Cup, $50,000, and potentially attention to life-changing investor and media.

Enjoy startuppers to watch compete? Get this — we keep the TC Hackathon Finale on the Extra-Crunch stage. The 10 finalists selected from a range of sponsored challenges — each with their own cash prize. Then you will create to endure grueling, sleep-deprived 24 hours, and the code of a working product that solves a real problem.

as you power through a two-minute pitch to a Jury of experts. And stay to see who deserves the title of ” best over-all-hack — along with $5,000 from the TechCrunch editorial team.

network of hundreds of outstanding startups in Startup Alley, our exhibit hall. This is also where you will find the TC Top Picks. TechCrunch editors have this company — fine-start-UPS and all — represent the best in this tech-categories: AI/Machine Learning, Biotech/health tech, Blockchain, Fintech, mobility, privacy/safety, Retail/E-commerce, robotics/IoT /Hardware, and CRM /Enterprise.

you have just seven days before everything breaks loose gorgeous tail in the form of Disturb, in Berlin in 2019. Do not miss the opportunity, the fun, the connection and the community. You can buy your pass today and save up to €200. We see us in Berlin!

Is your company interested in as a Sponsor or Exhibitor at Disrupt Berlin in 2019? Contact our sponsorship sales team of filling out this form.

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