‘Disney ‘ Plus’ was Google’s top U.S. trending search term in 2019

‘Disney ‘ Plus’ was Google’s top U.S. trending search term in 2019

Google released its annual “Year released today in Search” data, take a look back at some of the most notable search of 2019. In particular, Google saw it, and the biggest trends — meaning, the search terms that saw the largest spikes in traffic over a longer period of time in the year 2019 in comparison to the year 2018. In the USA, Disney’s new streaming service “Disney Plus” was the biggest search trend in 2019, followed by Cameron Boyce, for Hussle, hurricane ” Dorian, Antonio Brown, Luke Perry, Avengers: the Endgame, Game of Thrones, iPhone 11, and Jussie Smollet.

“Game of Thrones” was also to search for the largest US TV show, the trend of the year, followed by Netflix, the “Stranger Things” and “If you See Us,” the HBO “Chernobyl”, and Disney – Plus is “The Mandalorian.”

On the global stage, Apple ‘ s iPhone 11, the fifth biggest trend of the year was, in front of Game of Thrones (No. 6), but behind the addiction “India vs South Africa”, the place 1. The rest of the list included (in this order): Cameron Boyce (No. 2), the Copa America (No. 3), Bangladesh vs. India, (No. 4), Avengers: the Endgame (No. 7), Joker (No. 8), Notre Dame (No. 9) and ICC Cricket World Cup (No. 10).

Tech companies, impact on the Google-Top-Trends could also be in the category of music where “Old Town Road” of the top-trending Song worldwide and in the US in 2019. The Lil-Nas X hit song went viral on TikTok this year, after the rapper uploaded himself to the platform back in December 2018.

in addition to topping the Google list, Lil-Nas-X is also a number 1 artist on the TikTok, which, according to its own year-end round-up.

elsewhere, online and tech trends could be influenced, can be found under “What is…?” Category in Google’s top U.S. search trends. For example, the meme “Storm Area 51”, which originated from a viral Facebook joke, which resulted in a real event, to seek out a lot this year, “What Area 51 is?”

No. 2 was “What is a VSCO girl is?” based on the latest teen trend and meme, whose name comes from the hipper-than-Instagram photo-editing app VSCO. The VSCO-girls-dresses in oversized T-Shirts, Birkenstocks, wearing her hair in a messy bun and adorned with accessories like ribbons, Burt’s lip balm, puka shell necklaces, bees, and around a Hydro Flask sports bottle of water.

Also on the “What is…?” List “momo” as in the “Momo ” challenge” (an artistic sculpture transformed viral hoax) and “What is a boomerang?,” refer to the latest teen insult to the old people, “OK, boomer.” The latter was also a huge TikTok meme.

online, Various cultures influenced Google’s top US outfit trto end, including the No. 1 outfit idea of Egirl, a popular demographic found on the TikTok which is a kind of emo-subculture (or maybe a emo-anime-goth-variant), followed by Eboy, Soft-girl (other TikTok subculture, this time with a hyper-cute aesthetic), and finally, the Biker-shorts and a VSCO girl. (If you don’t know what you are, don’t worry — it’s a BuzzFeed quiz for the is, of course.)

Google’s top trends, above all, a reflection of pop culture for the year. Google has

The company employs the visualization of the decade in music by the year in search, for example.


with a Flourish

It also points to some of the people that tend to be in the course of the decade, including Justin Bieber, Betty White, Lebron James, as well as long-lasting TV-and-Film-trends, such as “Toy Story,” “Iron Man” and “The Walking Dead.”

The full list of Google’s Global Top Trends, which can be filtered by country, is here.

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