Did You Fall For A Corona-Virus-Hoax? Facebook Will Let You Know

Did You Fall For A Corona-Virus-Hoax? Facebook Will Let you Know

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Facebook says it has advised removed “hundreds of thousands” of pieces of failure information about COVID-19, including a dangerous fake cures and contributions contradict the public health.

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In a new movement, the spread of dangerous and false information about the coronavirus, Facebook starts telling people, if you have along with posts about fake cures, hoaxes, and other false claims.

In the coming weeks, Facebook users, reacts like, or commenting on potentially harmful unmasked content will see a message in your news that the world health organization of the “Myth-busters” – page. It is that WHICH does away with some of the most common lies about the pandemic.

“We want to connect people who may be in interaction with harmful misinformation about the virus with the truth from relevant sources, in the event you see or hear these claims again, away from Facebook,” wrote Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president for integrity, in a blog post.

The new function to go on Facebook to keep up with the current attempts, dangerous misinformation about the virus from the network. Up to now, it is the notification to the user only, if you labeled a post office, the fact-checkers have it wrong.

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Facebook users, who responded gladly to it or commenting on potentially harmful unmasked content will see a message in your news that the world health organization of the “Myth-busters” – page.


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This week, U. N. Secretary-General, António Guterres, warned the world against “a dangerous epidemic of misinformation” about the coronavirus. And on Wednesday, the global advocacy group Avaaz published a study say that the millions of users have been exposed to coronavirus-related misinformation on Facebook.

The study showed on conspiracy theories that the virus was of the who and the Gates Foundation; false cures such as oregano oil and garlic; and the potentially fatal recommendation that the drinking of chlorine dioxide-an industrial bleach will destroy the virus.

None of those are true.

“Not just Facebook a the epicenter of misinformation, but more dangerous, is the life of the people is endangered because they are not informed that the content was wrong,” said Fadi Quran, campaign director at Avaaz. He said the new alerts “a big step forward.”

A Facebook spokesman said: “We share Avaaz’s goal of reducing misinformation about COVID-19, and appreciate their partnership in the development of the messages we will now show that people with malicious misinformation about the virus, we removed since. However, their sample is not representative of the community on Facebook, and their results do not reflect the work that we have done.”

Avaaz investigated 104 posts and videos in six languages, written between Jan. 21 and 7. April had, were rated as false by independent fact-checkers. The study showed that these contributions were divided over 1.7 million times, and had 117 million views.

In 43 cases, the posts were still showing on Facebook, without warning, the fact-had checkers that have debunked your claims. Avaaz said, after they shared the list of the posts with Facebook, the company has removed 17 of them.

Avaaz is found, it could remove up to three weeks on Facebook to post warning signs or content, the fact-checkers as a false rating. Facebook refused to say how long it takes to draw in the rule, or to remove posts that violate your policies.

rose said Facebook has removed “hundreds of thousands” of parts of the virus-like misinformation that could lead to that “talk of imminent harm,” including contributions, the fake cure or resistance advice about social distance.

For other debunked claims, including conspiracy theories about the virus of origin, Facebook restricts how many people see the posts and shows “strong warnings and notifications”, if the people see you, or try to share.

Facebook displayed warnings on 40 million in contributions in March, which included over 4,000 articles found false fact-checkers, Rosen said. “When people saw the warnings on the label, 95% of the time, you don’t go on view to the original content,” he said.

Like many companies, the Facebook, most of its workers sent home during the pandemic. Leave it to monitor more on automated systems and flag-posts, which the company says could lead to is now that more errors.

Avaaz is the examination of false information on Twitter and YouTube, the Quran is said to as they are to enforce their policy.

note: Facebook is sponsoring NPR.

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