Cyber Monday Pokemon deals: $48 for a sword or shield, $89 for both – CNET

Cyber Monday Pokemon deals: $48 for a sword or shield, $89 for both – CNET

Fat Pikachu Pokemon sword and shield

Look for Gigantamax Pikachu in Pokemon shield and sword.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

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catch a super-hot-Nintendo-switches Pokemon game for under $50 with the eBay seller rush hour wholesaler Black Friday Deals (which seems like it is going to expand is tempting, due to Cyber Monday): get, Pokemon into a sword or a shield for $47.99

There is one more option worth considering: Geek Alliance (via Rakuten) has Pokemon into a sword or a Pokemon Shield for $55.49  – and your purchase also nets you Rakuten points to the value of $11. These points (you need to have a Rakuten account) are almost as good as cash: every other purchase that you made via the online Shop. In fact, you could request the purchase of one of the games for $55.49 points, then come back and get the other for $44.49. (The math: $55.49 minus $11.)

These two new Pokemon games sold more than 6 million copies on launch weekend. I’m not going to suggest which one to get; it depends on which exclusive Pokemon you want: Monster, such as Deino, Hydreigon, and Farfetch’d get the sword, while Despotar, goodra’s, and Galarian Ponyta are exclusive to Shield. 

So these games are the answer to all of your Pokemon’s hopes and dreams? That depends on how you want to have the feeling about you: The internet is outraged, as it is often, over seemingly inconsequential details, such as the fact that sword and shield don’t count, you know, every Pokemon ever. But if you are OK with that, be assured that the of GameSpot the game “Superb rated” with a rating of 9.

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Nintendo reveals the newest Pokemon game, sword and shield


Originally published last week. Updated to new sale prices, and availability.

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