Cyber Monday 2019: the Best deals for health and fitness – CNET

Cyber Monday 2019: the Best deals for health and fitness – CNET


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Black Friday has passed and “Cyber Monday” is upon us. But the sales around this time of year are not only headphones iPad and gadgets. Christmas is also a time of deep discounts on health and fitness products and services. We have a line-up of some of our favorites below, so that the holiday time is a good time to help yourself or someone you get to love you resolutions get a head start on your new year. We see how many sales and deals for everything from DNA testing kits to treadmills to percussive therapy, weapons, and more. It’s time to take the plans for a healthy 2020 to the next level!

The fitness-class company offers a free three-week subscription for first-time users. All you have to do is register online. The offer begins at 7 p.m. PT on Wednesday, Nov. 27 and lasts until Monday, Dec. 2 at 9 a.m. PT.

get the top-of-the-line percussive therapy massage device Theragun G3PRO for only $399 (normally $599). It also discounted the G3 for $299 (save $100), and the new Theragun Liv for $199 (save $50). This offer ends Dec. 4.

When we checked in mirror, home fitness system that hangs on the wall and provides on-demand training from Mirror’s Elite fitness Trainer, our primary beef was with its high price. But this discount adds free delivery and installation, a free starter pack and 6 months of level membership (a $584 value). “Use code BLACKFRIDAY19 on Nov. 29 and CYBERMONDAY19 on Dec. 2 in order to get the discount.

Save up to 56% on selected treadmills and indoor cycle cardio equipment from Horizon Fitness. Sale ends Nov. 30.

Omron Healthcare site-wide holiday sale starts now. Save up to 30% discount on your purchase, no code needed. Sale ends Dec. 31.

you will Receive a 25% discount on all Sakara-rich plants, ready-to-eat-meal-delivery-programs and Clean Boutique-Spa-essentials. Offer ends Dec. 2.

fog genomics DNA Tests around data privacy, the users retain control over their own genomic data. Fog and DNA prints, personalized art, created by the user-sequencing or high-loaded data and can be used as stunning home decor. 1 year of fog Discover + DNA art printing for $100. The sale ends Dec. 31.

the Living-DNA is extensive the test covers your entire lineage, tribe, father line and now with the family of DNA-matching. The sale ends Dec. 2.

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