Complaints in the Broadway building, part of the pushback about adding ‘smart lock’ and the home-automation-tech-apartments – CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News

Complaints in the Broadway building, part of the pushback about adding ‘smart lock’ and the home-automation-tech-apartments – CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News

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Harley Rose

complaints with the city against the developer of Broadway-apartment-buildings show an increasing voltage to the Capitol Hill tenants, landlords, and tenants about Seattle’s new “smart lock” – and home automation technology.

Patent-523 tenants say in June Essex Property Trust  to inform you by E-Mail, a SmartRent – system has been implemented on Broadway apartment complex.

SmartRent is a home automation company that develops software and hardware for home owners, property managers, and tenants.. The application system is used to control smart-home functions of a Central application, including, but not limited to, heating, pay rent, and the key-code entry to a house or an apartment. 

the tenant said a year-long lease renewal, please be informed that the code-input-system would be necessary for the renewal. Notification of the installation of this application was posted at the end of October with a choice to opt-out of the system by the renewal on a shorter lease term.

The state requires a 48-hour notice prior to any landlord or owner, you can setting a flat in a non-emergency.

Two tenants that complain and say that you choose by signing a shorter lease term, tell CHS they have had an event without the required notification.

According to these tenants, at the 4. November, the day of the installation, “the SmartRent installers knocked on our door, waited a few seconds, then opened it and tried to enter. Luckily my roommate was home and came out.“ A tenant describes the events as “definitely an illegal entry, because we received no notification, and has not the approval.”

CHS is not the identification of the tenants out of concern about possible retribution.

In September, The Stranger, reported on the growth of the SmartRent industry in Seattle include smart locks, water-sensors, touch-screen thermostats, smart plugs and Wi-Fi hubs. In addition to individual privacy and security concerns, the trend represents an additional challenge and cost for the tenant is already dealing with high rents and limited housing choices.

A tenant of CHS heard it said a security consultant and frustrated with the process after receiving a  response from the administration about their concerns, which are usually in the safety of the building.

According to the tenant, she spoke with SmartRent to the expression that “no matter how good your product may be, we ask, and it adds unnecessary complexity, our security and privacy at risk.”

a number of complaints filed about this change, and according to one city representative, the complaints “have not yet been assigned, or examined you yet.”

The official added that “the Prohibited acts Ordinance echoes state law, by the landlord two days ‘ notice, input units necessary to do, if the agreed upon repairs. If you do not do this, the city of Seattle starts by educating owners about the requirements and to warn. If violations exist, we could have a Problem with regard to the violation.” As the official, two of the States at the complaint’s talk page have been updated to “Under investigation.”

Both Essex Property Trust, and SmartRent declined to comment to the question of all questions.

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Released on Thu, 13 Nov 2019 22:32:00 +0000

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