Community Highlights: 5. Edition

Community Highlights: 5. Edition

time for the fifth staging of the Community Highlights!!!

We get quite a few recommendations, but also closely monitored
social media and a few precious and found stones to share again!

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Controlling 7! Sea-water aquarium with a Home-Assistant

we begin with the presentation of a very unusual, but impressive, Home Assistant setup.
It will be shared on our Facebook group by Kevin McPeake. Kevin’s
the setup has a total of 5 Home-Assistant-instances, controlling 7x marine aquariums!

Kevin's impressive setup for his 7-aquarium

Kevin is an impressive setup for his 7-aquarium.

These are some great views of Kevin! I bet you will be happy with the new Lovelace
features that are yet to come in the Home-Assistant Core 0.107. It will help
To curtail that a bit in several Lovelace Dashboards (now in
beta sneak peak?).

Click here to go to Kevin’s post on our Facebook group.

thank you, Walt_H for the shipping on this item! 👍

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saving energy is good for the environment (and your wallet). However, to do that,
You have to be aware of their actual use. the /u/Lau-ie shared his energy
Consumption screen on our subreddit.

This gives an insight into the current usage, but also in the use & cost of the
energy consumed in the last 24 hours.

New energy consumption of the screen, still tweaking it. r/home assistant

you know, you monitor your energy consumption? What does your dashboard look like?

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A DIY-smart-magnetic key holder

And here is one from James Callaghan, the
created really smart and easy-to-replicate magnetic key holder, with a Xiaomi
Aqara door /window sensor. Yes, this key holder works on Zigbee.

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Consumer Reports: a call for non-resident technologist fellows

Consumer Reports is an American non-profit organization that is not independent,
(Product) to provide testing and research for the consumers, truth, transparency, and
of fairness. Their results are published in a monthly magazine and on its website.

The Consumer Reports Digital Lab offers paid, non-resident scholarships for the study of
the effects of connection (Internet-of-things, IoT) products and services. You are all welcome
interested to take on the public research for the community.

If you are interested, more information can be found here:

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Do you have a tip for the next edition?

Have you seen (or made) something awesome, interesting, unique, amazing, inspiring, unusual, or funny, with the Home Assistant?

Click here and send us your Community-Highlight a proposal.

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Released on Sun, 15 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0000

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