Comfort: Android does not come with something that the iPhone

Comfort: Android comes with something

is not the iPhone < Now is the time, if The Macalope has to break from its usual coverage of Apple, and you take a look at how things work on Android.

By a court-mandate to.

to discuss The details, of which, The Macalope is not a freedom.

turns out, the timing is pretty good, though. Some would say, ridiculously so.

“146 New security vulnerabilities All Come pre-installed on Android phones.” (Tip o’ the antlers to 5cat.)

Wow! This is… this is a lot of weak.

But the situation is not quite so bad. Not as bad as… [reviews notes]… 146 pre-installed vulnerabilities. [shakes his head] Whoo. Lotta Weak Points.

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the Majority of vulnerabilities on mobile phones, the small producers, so that most people are unlikely to ever be a victim, you fall. And much as you don’t get any function that can make these lists of the “10 ANDROID FEATURES that the IPHONE”, which is on every Android phone, you can’t get all of the 146 weak on any Android phone.

So, if you were looking to collect them all, it’s not going to be easy.


[shoulder shrug]

really sure how to spin this. However, it is not so great.

clean found The weak points Kryptowire often pre-installed on the system-level, with no way to you from your device.

Hey, an un-installable vulnerability is just a friend you have not realised you are stalking!

OK, this came out bad. But in The Macalope’s defense, it came out bad, because the situation is bad. So the statement is

Now, here is where The Macalope would normally adopt a sarcastic tone and say, like this is weird, because, again, in 2013, Eric Schmidt and all of the insured that Android is safer than iOS. And it is the super-weird, because the Horny one has since heard of Android Booster for years how Android is just intrinsically more secure than iOS because open is magic and can never fail. But he is not going to do that this time. The League of Sarcastic critic said to him, it does not want to take a break, and he’s not invited to the Christmas party.

This is not the fault of the open-source software, of course, but the open-source Booster seem to take into account never to grasp the business realities, the travel company, in order to make the Installation of crapware in an attempt to make any kind of money, as you race to the bottom ” of the market.

The thing is you don’t have Android to be a better safety. He already has things that it is better, as the choice of the hardware (unless you want a small phone, because no one makes a small cell phone) and the selection in stores. You could be a pretty good advertisement for Android, based on Apple’s recent bans apps from the App Store. But you don’t have to be all good. Only the best you can be, Android!

but you should Seriously get rid of these weak points, also. Because… eesh.

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Released on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 13:00:00 +0000

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