Clear Enduro-100 headphones review: Great sound, fantastic battery life, and all the right features

Clear Enduro-100 headphones review: great sound, fantastic battery life, and all the right features

I liked the Clear Enduro-100 headphones, as soon as you made your little more complicated, but stylish packaging. The styling and the colors are unique and attractive, and more importantly, they sound very, very good. The feature set is also state-of-the-art technology. is

My only restriction is that a tester carrying with the big head in the picture next to this criticism, the author—found it somehwhat uncomfortable to do for very long listening sessions.

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Design and specs

The Packed Enduro 100 full of the latest tech features, including Bluetooth 5 with greater range, larger bandwidth, and the native processing of Apple’s AAC codec, aptX HD-codec-support for high-resolution and low-latency audio playback, and Google Quickly Pair 2.0 for quick connection to Android devices. You can also pressure you to invoke Siri on iOS devices with just a push of a button.

Throw in a C-type USB port and NFC pairing, and I can’t think of anything—except the active noise cancellation, which the company missed these doses are in a different category that. I’m sure I’ll hear from you if it is. 

the style is in line with the best of the time. Clearly opted for two unusual, but attractive colors: slate and putty and putty and tan. The headphones are decently light about 10 ounces, a 10-minute charging on the USB-C connector 13 hours of playback time from promises, and a three-hour charge is supposed to see although 100 hours. I can tell you, you came close to that just sitting around turned on, without me listening to them; in fact, after two weeks of light use, they are still on charge it had right out of the box. 

As far as the actual sound-producing devices, the speakers are a 40mm non-ferrite design. For more on that, and the hysteresis prevents iron-allegedly, read my Dali Rubicon 6 loutspeaker check.

button to Clear outfits of the Enduro-100 with three keys and a power. The two outer ones are used to increase and decrease the volume, while the center-multi-purpose-button is used to switch to the next track in the playlist (double-click), previous track (triple-click), and to invoke Siri on an iOS device (press and hold). In addition, there is also a status LED, while the unit to pair automatically, for the most part, you can also hold power by holding the power button or using the NFC interface on the back of the left ear Cup. 

enduro-sand 2 Transparent

Clearly, the Enduro-100 are state-of-the-art technically, stylistically, and in terms of features.

During the Enduro-100 is not a dedicated 3.5 mm Jack for a cable, they also provide Wi-Fi listening via the USB-C port, and to Clear a type-C-to-3.5 mm cable in the box. There is also a USB type A-type C cable for charging. Cable may sound a little unusual, but they are a must for in-flight entertainment systems and to listen to uncompressed audio, whether in the studio or elsewhere. You also get a drawstring carry pouch for the headphones and cable.

Speaking of planes, the Enduro-100 does not offer active noise cancellation, as I mentioned earlier, and do not block as much ambient sound as in-ear headphones. Personally, I think the active noise cancellation, which tends to have a negative impact on overall frequency response, low on the features totem-pole. I listeners done well with the regular head in the air. If the cross is a must-have feature for you, you can use these from your list.

Sound and comfort

I have already described, the Enduro-100 as a sound pleasant, but it is best to take it a little bit: It is a ear-saving dip in the mid-range, solid, if not spectacular definition in the same range, good top end, and pleasantly exaggerated bass. More pleasant than in non-mimics a subwoofer, but tastefully to the level that I, and most of the world to enjoy. This means that the testers have pointed out, the lack of a “extra bass” switch. Children.

enduro 1 Transparent

Depending on the size and shape of the head, you might find the Enduro to be uncomfortable for the log-listening sessions.

To me, the Enduro-100 to sound as good as anything in their price class, and they are comfortable as well as more than a couple of much more expensive competitors. I have a lot of capable headsets at this point, and there is no, I would listen to, which is the highest better for casual.

My only slight Problem with the phones was with the fit and overall comfort. The Enduro-100 is a stiff headband squeezed the cups against my head with a little too much power for the amount of padding and the ear, and depth is provided. My ears are touching the speaker grills in several points from the get-go. For 20 minutes or so, the sound quality ruled, but to take my outer ears and the top of my head began to slow be aware of this. 

for comparison, the Sony MDR-XB950 is that I usually sit in my ears like butter. The pressure of your band is mild, and the pillows are extra large and soft, so  my ears are hardly ever in contact with the speaker grill. Can you hear me, Right?

To be fair, the second tester, already a couple of days testing for me, had no Problem with the comfort, so that people with smaller heads—or maybe just more hair—undoubtedly you will find quite convenient. 

Great looks, great sound

When it comes to style, sonic quality, maturity, technology, features, and price, Clearly absolutely nailed it. You stand out from the crowd, and you could pay a lot more for headphones that sound nearly as good, or nearly as long on a charge. My only slight downside is the fit, which is not a Problem for us all. You buy to give a pair from a retailer with a good return policy and you long to listen to find out.

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