Claire Wardle: Why Do We Fall For Misinformation?

Claire Wardle: Why Do We Fall For The False Information?

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part 1 TED Radio Hour episode IRL Online.

About Claire Wardle’s TED Talk

Like a number of misleading online works-videos turn into a dangerous health crisis… all in the span of three days? Claire Wardle describes the real-life consequences of false information online.

About Claire Wardle

Claire Wardle is the co-founder and Director of the First draft, a non-profit focused on research and practice to address misinformation. Previously, she was a Research Fellow at the shore, stone Center for Media, politics and Public policy, and also the research Director of the Tow Center for Digital journalism at Columbia Journalism School. She was also the head of social media for the UN refugee Agency.

she holds a PhD in communication and a MA in political science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Released on Wed, 20 Mar 2020 13:40:21 +0000

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