China Puts Restrictions On Video Games For Minors

China Puts restrictions On Video games For minors

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A person with a PlayStation 4 controller. China is blocking the imposition of output, and rules on video-game-playing by minors to.

Bebeto Matthews/AP

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Bebeto Matthews/AP

Chinese officials are cracking down on youth online gaming, which they say has a negative impact on the health and learning of minors. Official guidelines published Tuesday, the vertices of a new curfew and time restrictions for gamers are under the age of 18.

Six measures were outlined to prevent in the guidelines that minors “by indulging in online games.” Among them a ban on online video games for minors between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. minors will also be restricted to 90 minutes of play days every day except on public holidays, if you have a maximum of three hours.

Online micro-transactions, which many consider as a lucrative and gouging, are also targeted. These purchases are on a monthly basis capped at $28 or $57, depending on a minor’s age.

China’s new EU directives for adult gamers. A state spokesman says that every game, regardless of age, it is prohibited to play the games, the depictions of “sexual explicitness, goriness, violence and happiness.”

Chinese officials also requires all register accounts for to regulate online games with your real name and phone number, with the help of the state of play.

“The state administration of press and publication together with the Ministry of Public security, the establishment of a uniform identification system, with which the user-ID services, video game companies, so check carefully the identity of minors,” a government statement said. “We go away but also perfect gradually and enrich the functions of the identification system, to achieve their gaming-time data exchange across platforms, so that we could know, and therefore, the total limited amount of time in each small spends on gaming platforms.”

It is not clear how offline-single-player-games factor in the new guidelines.

The regulations focus on promoting President Xi Jinping continues anti-video game efforts. In the year 2018, Jinping, officials urged to act on the large amount of short-sighted children. In addition to the heavy school work and mobile phones, Jinping debt-to-video-game-addiction for the vast number of short-sighted children.

Video has been acknowledged addiction to the game officially, as a mental health condition by the World Health organization in the year 2018. The criteria do not include a certain number of hours played. Rather, a video-game addict is described, to play like someone with an inability to stop, even if it overlaps with other important areas of life.

market research firm Niko Partners has reported that digital game revenues in China reached $33 billion in the year 2019, so that the East Asian country one of the world’s largest video game markets.

China’s market power was perhaps even underlined, if Blizzard Entertainment suspended, an esports player in October, after he expressed support for Hong Kong’s liberation protests, prompting many to ask, the American society of pandering to the Chinese interests.

NPR s Huo contributed Jingnan to this report. Paolo Zialcita an Intern on NPR’s Newsdesk.

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