Can Apple to finally stop serious iOS bugs before they reach our iPhones

Can Apple to finally stop serious iOS bugs before they reach our iPhones

It is only 13 versions and to recognize the countless bugs and fixes for Apple, their iOS development process is flawed. According to a report from Bloomberg ‘ s Mark Gurman, to change that.

Bloomberg reports that the changes were personally known by the software VP Craig Federighi on iOS-14 “kickoff” meeting. While the daily builds, allegedly, continue as planned, Apple will be the implementation of software flags that enable it engineers and developers, which in turn individual features on and off Is Apple features and changes that are particularly problematic to isolate, so you can concentrate or just dump, before it reaches a final candidate to the public.

The rollout of iOS 13 was rocky at best. While it is not yet debilitating, headline-grabbing errors, like we saw with iOS 11, not less than nine iOS 13 updates Start arriving, since its September, so that it is difficult for iPhone users to always have the latest one. According to the report, iOS 13 so buggy, the 13.1 was a update that came days after the first release, the true “current public Version.”

“Software” – the flags are a new concept, and frankly, it is surprising that Apple does not already have a similar system. In chrome, for example, the software flags can exist for months, even years, sometimes never show up in the final Version. It’s a best of both worlds-the proposal to allow developers and beta-testers to try upcoming features, without the public builds.

This type of change has been a long time coming. It’s a tough couple of years for iOS roll-outs, the delayed functions, embarrassing mistakes, and overall, atypical instability was. Hopefully this new method will begin to repair things, and you should iOS results in more stable releases for the future. But in the meantime, yet another iOS-13 is to build on the way.

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Released on Thu, 21 Nov 2019 15:27:00 +0000

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