Best power banks in 2019: The top portable chargers for your cell phone

Best power banks in 2019: The top portable chargers for your cell phone

who uses a smartphone knows the importance of carrying a backup battery pack. But given the large number of options on Amazon, you may feel way overwhelmed, understandably. In addition to the different charging specs, ports and even cables, to check you have, there’s a ton of competing brands. But how do you that really deliver knowledge to their promises? Is it worth saving a few dollars, if a battery is the missing performance?

Cheat sheet: Best power banks in 2019


  • Mophie Powerstation XXL: Best overall performance []
  • the

  • Xiaomi 10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank: Most portable []
  • the

  • Sherpa-100AC-Portable Power-Bank: is the Best for road warriors []
  • the

  • anchor Powercore+ 26800 PD: the Best USB-C-pack with the power delivery []
  • the

  • RockPals 300W Power Station: at the Best portable power station []

We decided to do the leg work for you, is the acquisition of a wide range of power-banks from different manufacturers, some with unique features. We then have a week long test of the pack (read more about our testing process in detail below).

While we have some of the top picks, have read each evaluation, linked to at the bottom of this page, to help you find the best power bank for your needs. (You might also be interested in our our roundup of USB car chargers, if you spend a lot of time in transit.)

Updated 12/03/2019  to our review of the Goal Zero Sherpa-100PD, a practical companion for the trip. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see all of our power bank reviews.

Best overall power bank

Building on the success of the Powerstation Plus XL (our previous pick for the best overall power bank), Mophie Powerstation XXL is its predecessor in efficiency, achievement corresponds to 92.51 percent of the specified maximum current, plus it’s stylish, portable and affordable at $69.95 is. It is a no-brainer recommendation, if you are in the market for a reliable power supply on-the-go. (Read our full review of the Mophie Powerstation XXL.)

Most of the portable power bank

Xiaomi is known for producing high-quality products and sell them at an affordable price. The 10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank is a Prime example of this approach, beat all of the brands make it our first choice for most of the mobile power bank as a whole. With its high efficiency, premium design and a street price of $ 28, it is hard to beat. Pick up one or two of them, throw them in your bag and suitcase, and forget have to worry about running out of battery power while on the road. (Read our full review of the Xiaomi 10,00 mAh Mi Power Bank.)

Best power bank for road warriors

If you spend a lot of time on the road and with the value of the pension device, the Sherpa-100AC makes a good, if expensive, companion. Yes, at $299.95 you are looking for a great investment. But you can buy two USB-C ports capable of fast charging speeds, two standard USB ports, Qi wireless charging pad, a standard US 110V wall outlet, a full complement of cables, and a nice status display and buttons to control various functions on the packaging. The pack itself can be charged in just a couple of hours. (Read our full review of the Sherpa-100AC Portable Power Bank.)

Best USB-C power bank, extended Power Delivery 

Between his capacity, charging time, charging function, USB-C, and the wide range of devices that you can charge the anchor Powercore+ 26800 PD is well worth the $110 price. 

Yes, it is big and bulky. But will be able to quickly top off your phone, your phone while trekking by worth The legend of Zelda: the breath of the Wilderness on the Nintendo switch at the same time, the extra weight and the price. (read our review of the anchor-Powercore+ 26800 PD.)

Best portable power station

There are power-banks, and then there is the power of the channel—behemoth-chargers, pack serious capacity and provide an excess of ports. In this category, RockPals’ 300W Portable Power Station. It has about 280 watt-hours capacity, for a total of 10 different ports, including four USB ports—two of which Quick Charge 3.0 are compatible with a 110V AC outlet and a 12V/8A cigarette lighter. It can be charged via AC, car charger, or with the optional 100W/60W solar panel accessory “do not Remove” product-link that RockPals also provides for an additional $199. (Read our full review of the RockPals 300W Power Station.)

How we tested

the determination of whether a power bank lives up to a company, which includes the promise of more than just the connection of a phone and recharge. Test the battery packs takes place over weeks, not days, and requires additional equipment to ensure that the batteries work as expected.


  1. upon receipt of each battery pack, it was fully charged, display lit up like a means to track cargo.

  1. Then, on the trail of efficiency, we have combined a GENISTA Micro load Tester with the PortaPow USB Power Monitor.

With the GENISTA load tester to the drain-to-pack-power, we were able to the Tests against a battery maximum current, and verify the proper shutdown mechanisms in place, if something goes wrong during a charging session (such as a device drawing over the maximum amps).

with the PortaPow Power Monitor, we were able to monitor volts and amperes, the total power throughput, and the total amount of time for the removal of a battery from full to empty.


  1. Next, we charged the battery again, to track this time with the PortaPow it and while the total time to reach full battery, based on the watt-hours.

There are some problems with this method, however. We had to use a GoPro to track the camera to collect each of the battery through the charge cycle, the PortaPow monitor continue data after the battery was fully charged (trickle charging is normal, and unfortunately, disrupts our Test).

If a battery was in the location of C, which we used to charge via USB, instead of Micro-USB.


  1. We then to each battery, a Pixel XL and the LG G5, in order to ensure that the equipment is registered, the load expected to be fast-output for the device.

power supply and cable

All of our tests were with the same wall adapter, and-if possible-USB-C or Micro-USB cable. This was done to eliminate any discrepancies with wall Adapter and cable set.

What you are looking for in a portable power bank

Without fancy equipment, you never really know test, if you get what you pay for with a battery pack. Providers, especially in the Amazon listings, how to throw a lot of terms and certifications.

Here are a few tips that will help you to make a decision:

    use the

  • For those with a compatible device, make sure that the battery pack with Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, or PD-certified. Depending on your smartphone, this can make a big difference in performance. If you have a QC 2.0, but ask yourself if you have to pay extra for a QC 3.0-capable pack is worth it.
  • the

  • Don’t put 100 percent trust in a company to the demands of a pack, over say, a Galaxy S8 or iPhone X six times. The battery capacity and efficiency varies due to a number of factors. Read this Macworld report on USB-C pack. learn more about batteries and battery capacity.
  • the

  • look at the specs of the battery, and ensure that the input is limited to slow charging, such as 5V/1A. The faster the input, the faster your battery recharger, the faster you are ready to hit the road.

All of our power bank reviews

Click on the links below to read the full reviews of all the products we tested for this roundup. We will continue to review and update this article, we test for more battery packs.

you can also consider Amazon Amazon basic charger to buy, as a way to save money just pull. In this case, be advised: Amazon has voluntarily several models recalled because of possible overheating. Amazon received 53 reports of the affected models—B00LRK8EVO, B00LRK8HJ8, B00LRK8I7O, B00LRK8IV0, B00LRK8JDC or B00ZQ4JQAA overheating, and in one case causes burns. For more information, visit the Consumer Products Safety Commission, as well as Amazon’s own recall Website. 

note: If you buy something after clicking on links in our articles, we can make a small Commission that I earn. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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