Best portable humidifier for dry skin, sinus relief and neck pain 2019 – CNET

Best portable humidifier for dry skin, sinus relief and neck pain 2019 – CNET

A portable humidifier is an effective way to help you combat the effects of the exposure to the harsh, dry air while riding on a plane or in a hotel room. Dry eyes, dry skin, nosebleeds, dry sinuses or cracked lips are all telltale signs that the humidity could be in your area, low. Add a fine cool mist of water to the air, while you sleep, through a small mini humidifier, can remedy these symptoms, often over night.

The Ourry air humidifier.


With so many options available it can be difficult to figure out, what’s the difference between an evaporative humidifier, ultrasonic air humidifier, complete with a demineralization cartridge and a essential oil diffuser. So, to simplify your life, we went out and found some of the best portable humidifier options suitable for any smaller room that is perfect for your room or travel. 

Here is what we are against, beyond price:

  • size: How easily it can be Packed or be carried?
  • duration:: How long is a single fill lasts you take?
  • LED lights: there are LED lights? They can be disabled (to avoid interference)?
  • design: Is the design aesthetically pleasing?

travel air humidifier, in comparison

*Max hours take the current (not intermittent) use. 
**With a 16.9-ounce bottle of water. Runtime varies depending on the size of the bottle of water.

Portable humidifier are small but powerful devices that help increase moisture in the air and increase the humidity in the air, no matter where you are. They come in many different forms, depending on your preferences. Some use a water bottle as a tank, for example, while others have a built-in water reservoir. 

the use of Most of the portable air humidifier, cool mist ultrasonic technology, which used high-frequency sound waves, the water particles get distributed in the air, increasing the air humidity. Unfortunately, we could not identify, a portable evaporative humidifier, which, in General, healthier. the Periodic cleaning of the ultrasonic humidifier is particularly important to prevent harmful substances in the air such as mold, dust and bacteria. 

As you probably already guessed, a travel air humidifier will add humidity for a whole house. At a minimum, increases the humidity of the air immediately around you (like when placed on a bedside table); at most, it can be used to humidify a small room (about 200 sq ft). 

This guide gives you an overview of the available options and is of the opinion, types of air humidifier models to meet a certain threshold of features, price, safety and customer satisfaction. Note that products that are excluded get less than a B+ grade on fake spot because of the overwhelming number of suspected fake or bias portable air humidifier newView. We have omitted also, the claims about the surface (of the surface) may be used to moisten these devices, because that can really only be determined by tests measured. 

Note that CNET can, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of products on this page.

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Dewy is marketed, first as skin and hair hydration device, it jumps to the trendy idea that your skin is thirsty and what it needs is more moisture in the air. In the end, Dewy another compact ultrasonic humidifier with a contemporary, Instagrammable design for people who want to take the moisture with you anywhere. 

As some of our other picks, Dewy is powered by USB cable so you can plug it into your laptop, car, or any standard USB charging cable-brick. On the normal, continuous setting, it is a cool, clean mist for 10 hours uses; change the intermittent setting, and you get a total of 20 hours of additional moisture. 

Dewy is more expensive than a humidifier with similar specs, but you might know better than to feel that 10% of the company’s profits go to The water project. It has LED lighting which is a soft night-light for use in the bedroom.

As Dewy, Ostad and Sonifun, this is a reservoir humidifier, it makes it a little less compact than some of the wand styles, but still very portable. It has a pill-style design (similar to Wet and Sonifun) and color options comes in black, blue and white.

We appreciate that, unlike some of our other picks, Mztdyl LED light can be disabled to prevent sleep interruption. It is also crap for about 9 hours claimed on a single fill, which is damn good for a $16 portable mini-humidifier. It is recommended that you clean the diffuser after each use to avoid blockages, and like the others, the cotton wick is replaced — needs to be a 10-pack is about $9. 

As the name of this air humidifier, you ask? We have tried and failed. We have no idea. But if you want a portable cool mist humidifier with good specifications at a reasonable price, it probably doesn’t matter. 

Ostad is really just a air humidifier rod (such as the Ourry) that comes with an accompanying-cup. This is not to say, you need to use the supplied Cup; you can use the magic wand in each container. The advantage here is that the larger your water reservoir, which emit more, Ostad a cool mist. 

Including the cup, the humidifier is about 7 by 3 cm and is much smaller than a rod. This makes it incredibly portable, easy to pack and a great travel humidifier. As some of our other favorites (like Wet and Ourry), Ostad via USB, so you can use it in the car, plug it into your computer or even power it with a portable battery pack. 

Ostad uses a cotton wick to release moisture, you will need to replace as often as weekly, depending on how often you use your humidifier. Ostad glows blue when it’s running, so this may not be a good choice for the bedroom. 


bottle of water-based portable humidifier, in theory, is more compact, since the reservoir is installed in the device. The disadvantage of this design is that some Amazon customers are reporting difficulties in finding bottles that fit perfectly. Pure enrichment does not seem to have too many of these complaints, though. 

Pure enrichment compact and aesthetically. But normally plays no role, so much as the duration, the light 6 hours per 16.9-ounce bottle of water. At $30, we expect this device for a longer misting time but included it as an option for those looking for the search for a bottle of water-based model. 

The biggest concern with this portable humidifier is the light. It can’t be turned off, and the reviewers have complained, it is just too bright-especially for a bedroom.

Sonifun looks and acts very much like Dewy, but for half the price. What you give up with the $20 difference is a slightly better design, and 2 hours of continuous fog of time. Not bad. 

Sonifun uses ultrasonic technology and is powered by USB, so you can unlock the device with a laptop, a USB port in a car or USB charging-brick. The ultrasonic humidifier comes with a cotton-tube (which acts like a filter) – already in the device and a spare in the box. A five-pack of additional Filter costs 11 US dollars.

Finally, you have three color options: pink, white, and grey. It also contains a LED light, which display a variety of colors, but — thank God –, the function can be disabled so that it will not interrupt a good night’s sleep.


Most water-bottle-type portable humidifier work, he screwed a bottle of water in the device. Ourry is different. The humidifier, the rod looks like a spell that can be dropped into any container of water, including a Cup or bottle. The advantage of this is that the device could haze for quite a long time depending on how big your container is.

Another of the advantages of this design is the size. Full-length, Ourry is about the size of a chubby marker, so that it is extremely compact. You can also make it smaller, by adjusting the magic wand, it is about 5 cm high. 

As some of our other picks, Ourry is USB-powered, so you can take the device on the road, plug it into your laptop, and even replace the supplied power cable with a different length of your choice. We especially appreciate that this is a small travel humidifier not a bright light, which can be problematic while sleeping.

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