Best gifts for foodies in 2019 – CNET

Best gifts for foodies in 2019 – CNET

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Gourmet, (ˈfuːdi): a person with an ardent or refined interest in food, do not eat only out of hunger, but out of interest, hobby, or pleasure. 

looking for the perfect gift for your favorite foodie to add to their add to favorites during the holiday a serious challenge. Not only that, this gourmet demand high-quality tools and equipment for your kitchen, but you are always only one step ahead. Your foodie friend will probably in the possession of a Instant Pot well, before you ever heard of it. But rest assured: Many of the good food options are out there that make great gourmet gift ideas.  

Below you find our picks for the best gifts for foodies. This cutting-edge gadgets, such as the Instant Pot Duo, and the high-quality analogue culinary tools, such as a series of high-carbon-steel knives, to meet the food and drink and cook even the most demanding home cooking must want to. Plus, these kitchen gifts are more creative than a box of chocolate (not that we don’t love chocolate).

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it starts with a trend that was steam in the last few months. Similar to how an air fryer, a steamer helps you to cook food with much less oil (olive or other), what you will eat healthier. It also contains more vitamins and minerals that can be lost while cooking, so that it is ideal for vegetables.

This compact dual steam and convection oven an effective one-two punch for your kitchen needs. Whether you’re poaching fish, roasting chicken, baking bread, or warm up leftovers, this model makes the work faster-and better-as a moisture storage a standard oven. As an added bonus, the steam cleaner also serves as a self -. Well, that is easy to clean!


anticipation is high for the Nov. 14 publication of this four-in-one-wonder. What a great gift. Sure, it is a combination of convection, air-fryer, a microwave, and food warmer. But it is the oven-smart features, which makes it the perfect gift. Pair it with an Amazon Echo and Alexa, is preparations preheat the oven or the program to one of 30 predefined options for your favorite food. It has a detachable probe and built-in sensors, to help, to cook time. And there’s even a scan-to-cook function for you choose a pre-made elements. Dinner made easier. (note: This item is currently in stock and shipping is expected to start in early January.)

Read oven our preview of the Amazon smart.

Instant Pot via Amazon

On the off-chance your foodie doesn’t already have one, the Instant Pot Duo is a slam dunk for a quick and easy meal. It is seven machines in one: A pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, frying pan, yogurt maker and warmer. If that’s not enough, a number of models have additional modes for the preparation of a treatment such as rice, cake, or yogurt — or even the sterilizing of food. You can buy, available in three sizes: 3 liters, 6 liters and 8 liters, and then you can go over practically your entire recipe journal with this Element. What a deal!

Read more about the Instant Pot.


As the name suggests, multi-cookers do a lot of. No gourmet gift guide would be complete without. But this clever, space-saving expansion makes them even more powerful when it comes to a boil. Attach the CrispLid to the top of a Mealthy MultiPot  or any other 6-or 8-quart electric pressure cooker including the Instant pot — and boom, you’re a boss with an air fryer. To set the time and temperature, and then watch the magic happen through the transparent tempered glass lid. This package also comes with an increased screen use, fryer basket, stainless steel tongs and heat-resistant silicone Mat-all are dishwasher-safe. 

Read Chowhound is to give Mealthy CrispLid.


versatility is the hallmark of the Ninja, all-in-one-Hot-and-Cold-Brew-System. It can tea and coffee — and comes with a separate filter, to prevent cross-contamination-with five different brew styles, and six different sizes. You can also boil water for hot chocolate! This thing turns hot coffee or tea (the tea for us, please) in a moment, and a cold brew in about 10 minutes. And if you like your drink frothy, it comes with a extension for that too.


Vitamix has set the bar for metering devices — and the E310 is Explorian worth its high price. Sure, it makes the incomparable smoothies, but it is also good for the production of all kinds of food-soups, nut Butters, sauces, and even baked goods. Unlike other blenders, the Explorian aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are robust enough to make bread dough&nbsp address for baking.  And even though most of the mixers can clean a pain, a drop of dishwashing liquid and warm water to your Vitamix good as new.


you don’t need a degree in mixology, if you have the Perfect drink Per. The scale and the app will help you stir up more than 400 high-quality cocktails. Put to pour a glass or a shaker, and stop when you hear the ding. It is so simple that you should be able to use it, even after downing a couple of stiff love. Mortar and pestle not included, just in case you wanted to be really fancy.


the snob beast wine drinkers will be impressed by this hyper-speed decanter. Featured on HBO a result, this model receives good scores from wine lovers for its speed: A minute in, the Sommelier is equivalent to an hour in a traditional glass decanter. Its unique design allows to achieve oxygen to each drop of wine only the surface-area-enhanced — the Aroma. And the Sommelier-the app offers transfer times, depending on the country, region, grape variety and vintake. Bottle after bottle will disappear before you know it, make it perfect for a dinner party (or Board meeting). The Roy family would definitely agree.


Store-bought pints of delicious ice cream and ice are expensive to buy. But the Cuisinart ICE-100, you can route you take, the DIY, more affordable delicacies. Consult the included recipe book (if you like chocolate, share some with us), pour your ingredients in the commercial quality compressor, set it and forget it. It comes with a pair of paddles for Gelato and ice cream. And if you are lactose intolerant, you can comfort from the machine is delicious sorbet functions. 


We have all been there: The recipe calls for a sprig of thyme or a small handful of parsley, but the store only sells large bushel. The Aerogarden cuts out the middle man and helps you grow your own herbs  – also, if you live in an apartment, you will feel like you have your very own farmer’s market. The soil-free, hydroponic setup, requires minimal cleanup, and the Bounty is large enough, a variety of garden goodies-just get ready your cutting Board. Brown Thumb? Do not despair. The system, the connection to Wi-Fi and supports Alexa, automatically provides notifications when your garden needs care.


Keto and paleo take on a gourmet note. The Dehydro-produced meat, poultry, and seafood jerky for a fraction of the cost of store-bought equivalents — and without the use of chemicals and other additives. For those more inclined in the direction of plant-based food, it can also be used to healthy and delicious snacks (such as fruit, bread) and dried herbs and spices to extend the shelf-life.


Sous vide is nothing new, but the slim ChefSteps Joule takes the technology to another level. It is only the cooking is faster and more efficient than others, but it is also half the size of the typical setup. It is a must-buy for the home chef with limited space. 


The dust is a Perfect Pan the one you want, if you are banished for ever to a lonely island. This French-made cast-iron, enamel-floor beauty offers a classic design that looks good in any kitchen. And it is incredibly versatile, capable of handling food in a delicate frying or high temperature roasting. This pan is deserving of its name.


keep This professional knife will last a lifetime. Made in Japan high carbon steel, Dalstrong Phantom sound, the food and maneuver with ease cutting. This set of six covers all of the slicing and dicing of the basics and the elegant magnetic block has six additional slots for when it’s time to expand the collection.

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