Best games 2018: the most important publications of the past year

Best games 2018: the most important publications of the past year

What do I play it? PS4, Xbox One and PC

when did you let go? October 26, 2018

Voted TechRadar the most-anticipated game of 2018, Rockstar’s latest outing was one of the biggest releases of 2018.

The Wild-West-adventure sees you step into the shoes of the outlaw Arthur Morgan, a gunslinger in the infamous Van of The Linde group. With a huge open world, different terrains, and activities ranging from bounty hunting, RDR2 will keep you fishing them busy for a while. 

What can I play? Xbox one, PS4, PC

when can I play it? November 20, 2018

After taking  a year in 2017, Battlefield, makes a return in 2018 with Battlefield V (or 5), the in the world war 2. 

The game, the return of war stories, with some new multiplayer modes, and the introduction of a live element to keep the game fresh for a long time for his release.

What can I play? Nintendo switch

when can I play it? November 16, 2018

Pokemon Let’s Go is a series of spin-off Pokemon games, the launch, the Nintendo switch in November 2018. These games integrated Pokemon-RPG gameplay with mechanics from the mobile-game Pokemon Go create an adventure that is accessible to new and younger fans. 

players in the Kanto region again, to catch where you are able to be and fight Pokemon by yourself or with a friend in co-op mode. There are a lot of new ways to play, Pokemon in these versions, and you can read more about it here. 

What do I play it? PS4 and Xbox One

when can I play it? 25. January, 2019

Given it’s been 12 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, it is safe to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the hotly-anticipated title for the year 2018. Once again, players take the role of Sora as he travels with his closest friends, Donald and Goofy in a variety of world issues and populated by a variety of famous Disney and Final Fantasy characters. 

It is to a lot of famous landmarks and faces, but we are really excited to see the brand new Toy-Story-world. 

What can I play? PS4

when can I play it? 2019

considering the first game was not always celebrated as a masterpiece thanks to its excellent, emotional story and engaging life-like characters, the decision for the development of The last of Us part 2 is not so surprising. This time Ellie, the main role, and we promised a much darker game with an even greater history.

What can I play? Xbox One and PC

when can I play it? February 2019

It should be one of the most important launch title for Xbox One X in November 2017, but Crackdown 3 is a big 2018, exclusively for the console. The main selling point of the crackdown franchise is the destruction in this game, the online multiplayer mode of every part of the game, the city is open for destruction thanks to a cloud-based physics-calculations-system. 

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What can I play? PS4, Xbox One and PC 

when can I play it? 2019 or 2020

Unveiled at E3 2017, this game was basically the high-pitched as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag assassin ‘bits. The naval warfare, and in the skulls and bones they find themselves engaging in the single-player and online multiplayer-seafaring-adventure. Think sea of thieves, but a bit more gritty realism.

Although it was originally 2018 release planned, it back the next fiscal year, that is to say, it could have been pushed in may 2018 to Ubisoft at any time between April 2019 and March 2020. 

 What do I play it? PS4, Xbox One, PC

when can I play it? November 14, 2018

There are mixed feelings among the fans about the latest upcoming addition to the Fallout franchise, which sees in the series is posted online-platform for the first time. While Bethesda, the gameplay that we have grown fond of promises, about the series, some remain convinced the West Virginia wasteland to deliver the same voltage.

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