Best cell phones under $500: iPhone 8, Pixel 3, Galaxy A50, and more – CNET

Best cell phones under $500: iPhone 8, Pixel 3, Galaxy A50, and more – CNET

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With top-tier phones such as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus iPhone 11 Pro Max, starting at more than $1,000, it will feel easy to use, that are big phones more expensive  – and your budget. But as some mobile phones budget phones are always more expensive, always more advanced. packaging, and premium features. There are many affordable devices that are fast, take great photos and offer advanced software features that will not break the bank. While many of our picks for the best phone under $500 this year, some phones in this test field started in the previous year. This does not mean that they are unnecessary-most of them still have high-end processors and a good camera you can get for a lot less than when you started for the first time.

Note that we have links to the unlocked version of any phone, and you should at most of the four major US mobile providers (unless otherwise specified).


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Best cheap mobile phones to try now


Sarah Tew/CNET

Although it debuted in the year 2017, the iPhone 8 is still a solid phone, and it is the cheapest iPhone from Apple, you can still buy them for new. The phone packs in loads of great features such as water resistance, wireless charging, a durable solid-state-home-button, and still really good cameras.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

If you want an exceptional camera, the heavily discounted CNET_FAM_SERIES: Google-Pixel-3 | points: 408

” data-slug data-subtype>Pixel 3 is a great bet. His camera captures great pictures in the days to be light or dark, and with their secondary wide-angle selfie camera, you can easily take group selfies, fit all It also has a nice software features. Call screen, for example, filters out and blocks robocalls and telemarketers, so you remain distraction-free and Digital Wellbeing limits of their time in front of the screen, so you can stay focused. 

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Angela Long/CNET

The Galaxy A50 is part of the Samsung A series, which is much cheaper than the top-tier of the S-series of phones. At $350, £309 or AU$500, the budget smartphone is one of the cheapest Galaxy smartphone options, and features a 6.4-inch display, a screen, a fingerprint reader, and a headphone Jack. On the back of three cameras, a wide angle lens as well as a “deep-lens”, which is used to portrait shots with blurred, dramatic backgrounds.are

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Angela Long/CNET

called The Moto-Z4 to life without much fanfare, despite the fact that 5G is one of the few phones that can connect to. It works with a Moto Mod modular accessories to be used on the back of the smartphone with magnetic pins. The phone is $500 (converts to about £390 or AU$715) and the Mod will cost extra, but even with the additional costs, the Z4 is the cheapest 5G mobile phone is still.

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Angela Long/CNET

LG is selling its premium –  LG G8 with an Alexa for $500 (approx. £411 and AU$738)  — a big discount from its original $850 launch price. As one of the last high-end phones with the headphone Jack, the stands, the G8 as a rarity. But the device also has a bright, sharp screen, a second wide-angle rear camera, a fast processor, and water-resistance.

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Angela Long/CNET

The $479, £469, AU$799 pixels 3A XL everything you like about the Pixel-3A (which is also on this list), but in a larger package. It sports a 6-inch OLED display, compared to the Pixel-3A with a 5.6-inch screen, the larger counterpart offers even greater by 3700 mAh battery.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

 often discounted Moto G7 game is one of our favourite affordable Android phones. Like the more expensive Moto G7 (which we will come to later), it has a Snapdragon-632-processor and a water-repellent coating. But the G7 to Play, has a smaller 5.7-inch display and a single 13-megapixel camera. For those who like to take a lot of selfies on the front of the phone, you can find a selfie-camera flash to brighten up all those memorable moments.

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Angela Long/CNET

The new-for-2019-Pixel 3A shaved some of the features of the last year the Pixel-3: It is not waterproof, not about wireless charging, and it maxes out at 64GB of memory. But it adds a headphone Jack and keeps the same amazing night vision camera, the great pictures, can shoot in the dark. (Daytime photos and video recording look great, too.) The device is compatible with all major US mobile carriers as well.

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Josh Miller/CNET

It is two years since its launch, but the Galaxy S8 is always worthy of a phone of consideration. It is waterproof, has wireless charging, expandable memory and a headphone Jack. Plus, its curved OLED display gives the phone a modern look that still has stock.

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Angela Long/CNET

The Moto G7 may not be as cheap as his G7-Play counterpart, but it is still a good deal. Although the single speaker will not provide the best sound, and it takes a mediocre low-light photos and Videos, the Moto G7 has two rear cameras, a sustained battery life and a sleek design. It also loads quickly, which is useful if you need to juice while on the go.

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Andy Hoyle/CNET

Although the LG G7 from 2018, a Google Assistant quick-launch-button can’t be assigned, there are still many reasons to like this phone. It is an AI camera that gives your photos a boost, before you snap them, a secondary wide-angle rear camera and a headphone Jack.

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Josh Miller/CNET

With a bright 120Hz screen, the CNET_FAM_SERIES: Razer phone 2 | points: 375

” data-slug data-subtype>Razer phone 2 is charging a high-powered gaming phone, IP67 water resistance, and wireless. The device is also compatible with 2TB microSD cards for additional memory and runs with a close-to-stock version of Android. Along with its amazing built-in speakers, they have the makings to have a great mobile gaming experience.

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