Best cell phone mounts and holders for cars

Best cell phone mounts and holders for cars

If you use your smartphone for GPS instructions, but that it is in your lap or Cup holder, it’s time for a phone holder for your car. These brackets allow you to position a smartphone within sight and keep it out of your hands, so that a ticket in some States.

The best cell phone holder is not the same for everyone, however. Car manufacturers not only use different types of openings, but you have to mix the positions of the two CD-players and openings. States also have different laws on what can be attached to a windshield (and where).

Accordingly, our list of the best phone mounts are not the only ones, the only one or two picks. Instead, we are sharing the most convenient and reliable models, as a group, to putting you to the test in a variety of cars.

Updated 11/22/19 contain the Dopobo car dashboard mount, which mounts your phone in a unique way on your instrument panel and costs less than$10.

note: For this series of analyses, we focused us on vent and CD-slot holder with windshield mounts illegal in many States.

Best cell phone mounts and brackets for vehicles

Dopobo Adjustable dashboard phone holder

dopobo car cradle-large

The effectiveness of Dopobo phone holder varies with the car, as it highlighted the shape of the binder, which will determine how effective it is in the handle. Essentially, a metallic hook the lip between your instrument and the top of the dash grabs. A second grip keeps your phone (up to 6.5 inches, according to the manufacturer), like a pair of alligator jaws. If positioned correctly, your phone becomes a sort of HUD to navigate so that it is very easy.

The metal hook is not elastic, however, and the Anti-slip pad on the inner side may be enough, the whole apparatus of the suspension to the front. I had just enough grip, although some double can help sided tape, too.) So far the quite-firm hold in the jaw has not 6T harmed, either a Pixel-3 XL or the OnePlus one.

I love it how it positions my phone, although a little obscured by my steering wheel. You may notice something similar, depending on how you adjusted your wheel, or just the interior of the car. But at just over 7$, it’s worth experimenting. the —Mark Hachman

iOttie iTap-2 Wireless

iOttie iTap-2 Wireless

The iOttie iTap-2 Wireless is a clever combination of phone holder and wireless charger.

uses in addition to the vent-style mount that we reviewed, it is also as a mount for the CD slot in your car stereo or dash-mount. All three are price fixed at $55 and are capable of wireless Qi charging-enabled smartphone.

The supplied magnet in the iTap-2 w-LAN was strong enough to have an iPhone XS Max without fear to fall while you are driving.

ranked In our tests, the wireless charging performance is average or above average, for the iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S9, respectively, compared to other wireless charging devices, we’ve been tested.

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount

iOttie tap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount beauty shot

Tested in the car with horizontal vents.

Like its competitors, iOttie the iTap-2 Magnetic Air-Vent-Mount slides in easily onto horizontal and vertical fins—but then-ups, which she squeezes with a clamp on the rubber-clip for a secure hold. Drag causes your phone from this magnetic air vent mount never to stir from the spot.

this clamp fixes the problem with most air vent phone mounts, the iTap 2 mount the other functions are also well developed: It rotates 360 degrees to accommodate user-defined phone orientations, allows for some air flow behind the phone, and is compact and unobtrusive.

you also get a solid lock, if he has a phone number on the iTap-2 magnetic surface, whether you use one of the two metal plates or any one that you already use. The handle has little weaknesses, if you put a case between the plate and the phone, but my phone, in his thick wallet case, remained still, while he’s on moderately bumpy roads.

With a MSRP of $30, other cheaper mounts may look tempting, but this iOttie model beat up my former favorite, a Koomus air vent mount are wedged against my car dash to hold it in place. At its street price of $25, the iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount the extra money is worth it, especially since it also travels. the Alaina Yee

Universal Smartphone car Air Vent Mount

Universal Smartphone car Air Vent Mount

Tested on a car with vertical openings.

The Universal, Smartphone, Car Air Vent Mount is the rare, cell-phone holder that works well with vertical slat vents. It locks to your car with a small clip, which is tensioned by rotating first and then press down and it depends very closely. In about nine months of use, I have not re-adjust once.

It also handles, phones, no matter how you turn the 360-degree ball joint. the Supported sizes are mobile phones in the area between 1.9 and 3.7 inches in width, this is true for all of the latest iPhones and most Android models.

the Whole construction is very solid. BE used Universal a rigid, dense plastic, lined with soft foam pads, cushions, and protects your phone from scratches.

This bracket is only the shadow pages are an incompatibility with round openings, and his bigger size. If those aren’t the questions, the cheap cell phone holder is a great option. the –Dan Masaoka

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air Vent Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air Vent Mount

Tested in the car with horizontal vents.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air-Vent-Mount ($24.95 SRP; $19.95 on Amazon) is a solid choice, both in price and functionality. This mount has two parts, but it is very easy to assemble: Just leave the vent clip into the back of the phone holder and attach it to your air vent the spring-loaded clamp. The mount keeps your phone in place by two arms, tightly embrace him, with a “lock and release” system.

The Easy One-Touch 4 suitable to the mobile phones of between 2.3 – and 3.5-inches in width—I tested it with a iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with and without the bag, and the bill for all three of the Apple fit the current models. It is fine for Android phones in this size range will work just as well.

held This iOttie mount well during my Tests. The hinge kept my iPhone upright, without sagging, and the mountain remained firmly clasped to the air-vent, without falling of, due to my phone is the weight. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees to help you find the perfect viewing angle, whether in landscape or portrait format. –Leah Yamshon

Koomus CD-air conditioning-CD Slot Smartphone car mount

Koomus CD-Air conditioning, CD Slot Smartphone car mount

Test in a Honda Accord (1999)

Installation of Koomus grip style CD-slot-mounted mobile phone holder is simple, with only a lever that blocked the whole unit in place. This method still results in a robust, even-while Koomus includes three rubber spacers to increase the clamping force, which we do not need. The bracket can be positioned in a variety of ways: the arm pivots up and down, and then paste it with the mount pointed up or down.

The grip-style clamp has a surprisingly low voltage, so that you can mount a phone with only one hand. It offers space for larger phones, even with bulky rugged cases. I successfully used a Nexus 6P and a Pixel 2 XL in the terminal, although the Pixel 2 XL in a Otterbox the most difficult combinations I’ve tried have been the case.

A possible Problem with this Koomus model is its size. It is quite large, so depending on the placement of the CD player, it will block access to controls. The arm that holds the phone in place even a simple friction joint, with no possibility to increase the voltage, down the road, as soon as it is worn. While we had no problems new, we see it drooping eventually. –Gordon Mah Ung

Kenu Airframe+ Smartphone and Phablet holder, Black

Kenu Airframe

Tested on a car with horizontal vents.

mounts for the car, just clip on the fins in your air conditioning vent, they are just incredibly comfortable. Do not block your view or muck up your dashboard with the adhesive, and they work with the car CD player is missing. And in such a scorching summer, the air conditioning blows directly on the back of the phone will help to keep you from overheating.

Kenu makes one of the best grip-style vent clips. It is minimalist in design, but sturdy, with a spring-loaded side clip is large enough to hold even large phones like the Plus-model iPhones and Galaxy notes. To buy (if you want to be a phone under 5 inches, you, the smaller version of this bracket.) The vent clip-on grips for thick or thin vent slats, so that it works in most cars. And since it can rotate then, you can use it with angled AC fan or rotate your phone to landscape mode.

With a MSRP of $25, it’s not one of the cheapest vent mounts on the market. But the durability, and the careful design are worth a few extra dollars. the Jason Cross

Spigen Kuel A200 Car Phone Mount Magnetic Air Vent holder

Spigen Kuel A200

Tested in the car with round holes.

You’re likely to find, a simple, unobtrusive and cost-effective way, as this $8 mobile phone holder.

slots in the magnetic mount is short, rubberized trunk let it slip to your car air vent. You attach your phone to the mount, you need one of the two supplied metal plates to your phone directly or you can slide the plate in your phone case.

The magnetic-combination rated to hold today, one of the largest mobile phones, like the Galaxy Note 8 or the iPhone X”, and in my experience, with a Pixel XL, the device remained safe while the screen is visible, as I drove.

The disadvantages are that it is a vent/blocked, or absorbed, no hot or cold air emitted up your chimney. Nevertheless, it is a very simple solution for making your phone accessible while you are driving. –Katherine Stevenson

Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Vent Mount for Smartphones

Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Vent Mount for Smartphones

Tested in the car with horizontal vents.

The square, jellyfish, jelly-Grip-car-Vent-Mount is a mouthful, but it is an excellent smartphone vent mount for your car. This cell phone-used holder, an adjustable, solid metal hook extends to the slide by a trigger (from 3/8″ to 1″ depth) and its horizontal slats. Square Jellyfish says that the mount can not be used with vertical louvres, also if we test. If you do not work with circular apertures, it will be.

The spring loaded side grips you access mobile phones up to six inches wide, closely—almost too closely. Actually, the Assembly of the phone is required, place it face down on a chair and grasp the handles, then put the whole contraption into the air. You can also slide the phone to remove it, but be careful of each side of the buttons.

The advantages and disadvantages? An absolutely secure phone, not anywhere. And since the handles are articulated pivotally on a ball, you can still see the location of your phone for easy viewing As a final bonus, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee: Send Square jellyfish is a picture of the problem, and the company will ship a replacement, free of charge. the –Mark Hachman

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Curious about the other options? Below you will find a list of all smartphone holders for the car we checked. You just click on the name of the product, read our hands-on observations. We have one more lined up for evaluation, so be sure to come back to see what we have tested otherwise.

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