Best Android phones in 2019: What should you buy?

Best Android phones in 2019: What should you buy?

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the selection of the best Android phone for you is a big decision. The Android universe is teeming with options, from super-expensive flagship phones, to more affordable models, the a couple of calculated compromises in order to models that explicitly designed for, say, great photography. 

the chances are that no matter which phone you buy, you will keep it for at least two years. So we have tips for the best Android phone in the main categories. Take a look at our summary Cheat Sheet, or read on for details on each pick and the runners-up. At the bottom of this article, we reviews the link on all of our recent Android phone—if you have your eye on a model, not our cut.

We also have an overview of how our favorite Android phones stack up to against the iPhone 11, for iOS curious.  

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Here are the latest stories:


  • Qualcomm its flagship mobile processor, for the year 2020: the Snapdragon-865 has revealed, this brings the usual speed, graphics, battery, and AI improvements. But much more interesting is the Snapdragon is a-765, provides a built-in 5G modem on a midrange chip and could bring some great mid-range phones in the next year.
qualcomm snapdragon 865 5g mobile platform chip back Qualcomm

  • The Motorola RAZR is back—in wrinkles. At the beginning of 2020, Motorola selling a new RAZR phone, the wrinkles, runs Android launches, and costs $1,500. At this price, we doubt that it will be as popular as the pre-iPhone, RAZR, but it is certainly one of the most interesting submissions for the year 2020.

Best Android phone overall

Well, what does it look like. For years, OnePlus is in the possession of the best bang-for-the-buck category with no real competitors, until Google came out the Pixel-3a along. So, OnePlus went ahead and made the best phone of the year. Without hundreds of dollars cost more, the flagship OnePlus 7T creates it a worthy competitor to the galaxies and the Pixel with a fantastic design, excellent screen, killer performance, and a solid camera. There are things that the more expensive phones are better? Absolutely. But as a whole package, the 7T is the best combination of specs, features and looks good, all for an incredibly low $599. Read our full review.


unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the Galaxy S10+. Yes, it is big and expensive, but the Galaxy S10+ is simply the best Android phone you can buy right now. It is not only that it is the fastest processor, lots of memory, a good camera and a surprisingly excellent Android skin in OneUI. What is really the S10+ sets ahead of its competitors, the display is. Samsung’s new Dynamic OLED is simply stunning, rivaling even the excellent iPhone screens. So, since it looks like you will not be able to buy a clamshell phone, the Galaxy S10+ is the best, with Samsung and Android. Read our full review.

Best Android phone for photographers

Yes, the Pixel 4 is the latest Google phone, but we have enough problems to recommend it its predecessor for serious smartphone photographers. He may not have the dual camera, the pixels 4, but we can safely say that you can not miss. Portraits and zoomed-in photos look just as good on the Pixel 3 as the Pixel 4, and the experience is basically the same. Plus, the Pixel 3 a is cheaper and you get three years of free unlimited storage space in Google photos in original quality, the took a use Google with the Pixel 4. Add in Android 10, Live annotation, the recorder app and the new compact-Assistant interface, and you’ve got the best parts of the Pixel 4, without the headache. Read our full review.

Best Android phone for productivity

no matter what handset you’re upgrading from, is a grade of 10+, an improvement, the probably of importance. It’s not just the speed (although it has basically made it the fastest phone ever) or the display (if there is lots of quite a lot of flaws). Of the surrounds the life of the battery, a grade of 10+ is at the top of his game, capping off Samsung the strongest year in recent memory. Read our full review. 

Best bang-for-the-buck Android phone

If we was for the first time, a cheaper pixels on the way, we don’t know really what you make of it. But as soon as it arrived, it made sense: The Pixel 3a is a cut-rate Pixel 3, it is just a cheaper version of the same great phone. Android 10? Check. OLED display? Check. Great Camera? This is a great test. For $399, or $479, not the pixels 3a simply stellar photography, not to mention the best experience to find you are going in a Android phone on this side of the Pixel 4. Read our full review.


There really is no other competition in the value category, as the OnePlus. While the prices of its mobile phones have steadily ticked up along with the far more expensive counterparts, OnePlus has always delivered, good-looking phones with premium specs for hundreds of dollars less than the iPhones and Galaxies of the world. The 6T has more: T-Mobile support. It is the wireless charging and the IP rated-water, is still missing resistor, and the camera lags behind that of top-tier phones, but for the price you can not just buy a better Android phone. Read our full review.

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