At best, smartwatches, free pictures, iPhone, drain, and more: the Tech Q&A

At best, smartwatches, free pictures, iPhone, drain, and more: the Tech Q&A

The Right Smartwatch

Q: My wife wants a smartwatch for Christmas. I should get her an Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, or Fossil? Me, Kim!

A: Apart from the question here, which brand she prefers the mood of surprise, the Apple series 5 is excellent, how long have you been in the Apple ecosystem. Fitbit is a solid choice for athletes and weekend warriors, because it is designed so, with that demographic in mind. The Samsung Galaxy watch is a great gift for anyone with an Android phone. While researching, though, take a look at Mobvoi Ticwatch E2, the catchy indie-option with a number of unique features. tap or click here for my smartwatch purchase, and comparison guide.

free images

Q: I have my own website. I need some high quality images for the site, which doesn’t break the bank. Any Ideas?

A: If you want a legitimate project in mind, and you about all your legal T, you live in a great era for inexpensive (or free!) media-content. You can get a subscription to a paid service such as Shutterstock or you can pore over the archives of the New York Public Library You can also discover the twilight world of the Creative content, but there is now a consistent alternative: Unsplash. tap or click here to access to millions of free, high-quality images for each project.

Listen to my Podcast

Q: I would like to show your podcast, because I know it will be great. But, is there a way that I can listen to for an hour before I subscribe?

A: Absolutely – simply click on the link below. Let me also tell you how to get the most out of your listening experience: Komando Community an ad-free social media network for people is designed like you. If you love consumer technology and the latest news, and meet like-minded people in the curated forums, Komando community grants you access to all my best content, and including 12 hours in a month to my national radio show podcast. You get to create a profile, and then you can start a blog. If you have any technical questions, you can often receive an answer in less than an hour in my Community forums. So, Yes, you will hear a hour, because I have the feeling that you’re going to love the full membership, which is a few dollars per month. tap or click here and listen to my show podcast.

Apple Battery Drain

Q: My iPhone battery does not last hardly. What’s going on? Is the latest iOS is causing the meltdown?

A: Some of the reasons are banal: the battery is worn out, or your screen is too bright, the extra juice. Other reasons are more about: you could have a virus or spyware, which can ruin your reserves. Before you start to do research, the latest operating system, I suggest you look at the apps that you use. Take Google Maps. The app needs yo to send signals to locate the entire day ur exact location. It makes a number on your power supply. Social media apps the update run all the time, so if you have Snapchat, the Facebook app, or the app, or Whatsapp-app – or all three at the same time –those background tasks can eat up your electricity. I can’t guarantee that this is your problem, but rationing can your app usage very well expand your life of the battery. tap or click here to see five apps that drain your iPhone battery.

E-Mail Check-Ins

Q: If someone sends me an E-Mail, will this person know when and if I get it to open? Question for a friend.

A: In the past, it was doubtful that anyone could know, whether you had hoped, your E-Mail. Many people would observe this ability is a breach of privacy; after all, you should have a right to read your Mails and respond – or not respond – without the sender, the over your shoulder. But the technology to track E-Mails, as well as relevant information about your recipient, goes back, in fact, a couple of years. “Pixel-tracking” learning is a sophisticated way to someone’s IP address, operating system, and how many times the E-Mail was opened. Not surprisingly, this kind of snooping is especially popular with fraudsters and hackers, who by using data that is relevant to the execution of their crimes. So how do you protect against individual microscopic pixels? You have a few tactics available. tap or click here to see if your E-be Mails post and what you can do.

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