Army launches massive new ‘What’s Your warrior?” ad campaign

Army launches massive new ‘What’s Your warrior?” ad campaign

Maneuver attack helicopters shoot through the mountains, a Laser from the ground, vehicles, commanding of Autonomous robots, sensors, the implementation of cyber attacks and the creation of microscopic explosions splitting-cells in the laboratory — are all images that shown for the capture of a growing Empire, the army experience, in the service’s massive new campaign called “What’s Your warrior?”

beginning with images of Apache helicopters, weaving through the rocky cliffs in the middle of the dust -, wind -, and high-risk combat, the army-dyed greenish-yellow video-animation resembles a nuanced message mix single soldier is used specialties with platforms, networks and advanced weapons, from “together” groups of soldiers.

protect the circuitry of The display sharp buried in the high grass, high winds, paratroopers fighting in descending order in groups by morphing yellowish-cloud and cyber warriors typing feverishly, while satellites, sensors, command and control technology work together in tandem.

by Searching, an appeal to a sense of identity, occupation and purpose in the framework of the cyber-savvy information age, informed, Generation Z, the army of the new recruiting advertising take to the news is about the famous “Be All you Can Be” ads, among other things, the extension of the definition of a warrior.


Networking weapons from space, the guide ground missile targeting of drones in the air, disorder, enemy-networks with EW to organize with the AI armored vehicle sensor data, and pushes the boundaries of scientific discovery in the laboratories — all skills are now increasingly in demand by the army Recruiter.

While the basics of mechanized warfare, including the army’s Combined Arms maneuver, are now needed, as much or more than any time in modern history, the army, of course, his duties include space, cyber, EW and AI advanced-controlled weapons systems. Therefore, as the advertising campaign reflects the service needs more cybersecurity experts, scientists, researchers, and innovators to join the ranks of the army professionals to explore the limits of what is technically feasible in preparation for the great power of warfare.

in recognition of the fast-moving pace of the technological changes and their impact on modern warfare, army occupations and opportunities now than they have ever been in history, Brig. Gen., Alex Fink, chief of the army, Enterprise Marketing, said a warrior in an interview.

The army is known for its tanks, snipers, missiles, and helicopter gunships, Fink explains, the ads seek to emphasize an ever-growing world of new opportunities for young recruits. The music, scenarios, graphics, and stories presented in the video ads were deliberately chosen to reflect a new type of modern warfare, complexity, Fink warrior.


An army report described, it is the way: “What of Your warriors?’ plans to tie up ambitious warrior-identities for the army, 150 unique careers, and eight broad specialty areas, such as the Signal, Air & Space, Cyber, science & medicine, Engineering, Support & logistics, intelligence and ground combat.”

the expansion of The scope of the army’s missions and specialties, it seems, of course, is probably described for the improvement of post-army career transitions for the soldiers as a phenomenon, in an interesting essay by West Point, the Modern war is Institute.

“Not shows A 2006 study that the male officers are three times more likely than other American men, to CEOs, is an example of a convincing data to show that labour can use agencies,” the article says, “It’s The economy: Why The army Missed Its recruitment goals, and What to Do.”

While scientific innovation has always had a great importance to the army, it is becoming more and more important and spread throughout the service. There are several reasons for this seems; not only Russian and Chinese military technology, progress, concerns, on the Pentagon, but the war systems are increasingly turning to Computer -, network-systems and AI-enabled weapons.


Most of the weapons systems are already developed in different degrees of computer technology. Everything from Wi-Fi networks to connect to-weapons ” sights, night vision, long range thermal infrared sensors that are in the army tanks and helicopter navigation and targeting, integrated with advanced-computer-processors. Of course, this reality significantly, the number of advanced technical specialities increasingly required in the army.

The West point essay, reinforces this point, stating that the army needs “technologists, data scientists and computer programmers,” … and goes on to cite some of the advantages of the compulsory military service to the private sector. “While Fortune 500 companies have competitive compensation packages, the military provides a unique opportunity for America’s brightest minds to apply to complex defense problems,” the essay States. (James Long)

with the combination of the cyber-missions with satellite -, air-and ground-war, which seem to be ads, by design, will provide modern, unique complexities presented by multi-domain warfare.


Fink said that the campaign will be presented in the waves, or chapters that unfold over time in an evolving storyline. The well-known “Be All you Can Be” began in the 1980s, over the decades, in 2001. The new “What’s Your warrior” set of builds on this reputation for excellence through more emphasis on team and highlighting the growing number of career opportunities that are recruited to the army.

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