Arlo Pro 3 review: 2K-video, motion tracking and much more presenting the latest security camera Arlo

Arlo Pro 3 review: 2K-video, motion tracking and much more presenting the latest Arlo security camera

Despite the fact that Arlo’s flagship Ultra camera has been pulled from Best Buy for a time due to various performance issues, it eventually became another winner for the Netgear spin-off. That triumph in the third generation of the Arlo Pro, the takes up many of the Ultra-features, including an on-board-LED-floodlight, color, night vision, smart alerts, motion-tracking, adjustable viewing angle, and a continuous feed.

The Arlo Pro 3 not crib the Ultra – ‘ s next-gen and 4K resolution, but it does boost it to 2K, and an 80 percent bump from the 1080p Arlo 2. Other features, such as customizable motion zones and multi-mode,-arming the system, were also kept of previous versions of the camera.

The Arlo Pro 3 introduces a new SmartHub base station. At first glance, it looks not much different, accompanied the Ultra, but it replaced the original SmartHub microSD slot with a USB port, and supports up to 2 TB of local storage, so that you don’t need to depend on the cloud.

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The Arlo 3 has an IP65 weather rating, which means it is protected against dust and jets of water.

But if you want to unlock you exploit this security camera with AI functions, such as human, animal, vehicle, and package detection, you need to cough up $10 per month for a cloud subscription anyway. Arlo is your first appetitive for his service with a three-month free trial of Arlo Smart Prime, which also offers customizable activity zones, mobile-lock-screen-notifications, e911 emergency service, and 30 days in the cloud-video-storage for up to 10 cameras. But this is much less generous than the one year free offer, that Arlo Ultra get buyers.

After the Prime-study, you can service furthermore, the payment for the plan or you can opt for one of Arlo the other two are offered: The basic-Arlo Smart plan includes the AI and user-defined activity zones along with 30 days of video history for $3 per month per camera, but it falls to the emergency. The Arlo Smart Elite plan includes everything in the Premier plan, but increases the video story on 60 days for up to 20 cameras at a price of $15 per month. Go without a plan at all, and many of the features that this camera is particularly.

the establishment and performance

The Arlo Pro 3, the setup process is similar to the previous Arlo’s. First add the SmartHub in the Arlo app, plug in the network cable, and connect it to an ethernet port on your router. Next, add each camera, which prompted the in-app. As part of the installation of the app, you can strength of the Wi-Fi signal, such as the position of the camera. This ensures you create a strong connection before the handover to the mounting of the camera on your home’s siding or eaves. The Arlo 3 Pro uses the same magnetic mount introduced with the Ultra installed with a single screw. A security bracket that locks the camera to prevent theft, is also included.

Arlo says to the cameras, the battery takes three to six months with a single charge, depending on usage. They allow for the continuous charging by connecting the camera to Arlo Solar Panel charger, which is sold separately for $80.

arlo-per-3-pack Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The Arlo Pro 3 smart-alerts package contain-detection.

If you’ve used previous Arlo—or any high-definition security camera, and the Pro 3 2K-HDR resolution is a revelation. Details are sharper, colors are richer, and clarity is maintained, if the Zoom up to about half of the camera’s 12X max.

color night vision was excellent on the Ultra, and it is excellent. With the movement of the camera, spotlight for the lighting enabled, it provides plenty of light and captures the exact colours, both for the translation in more detailed forensic evidence if a crime is committed.

by default, the Arlo is set Per 3, a 160-degree field-of-view. You can reduce this in the settings of the camera to a 125-degree Standard view or in a 110-degree Full view. I found the narrower angle be better, if I wanted to monitor my front porch for package deliveries, and the greater prospect of more space for the display of activity around my driveway.

My smart alert-results were mixed. The Arlo Pro 3 was able to distinguish between my cat and me right out of the box, but it took a little longer to detect vehicles. This initially registered as generic motion, but more often detected than the cars the longer I used the camera. Package detection is always hit or miss, but, like Arlo Pro 3 often ignored the package, while the identification of the person.

arlo-per-3-full Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The Arlo Pro 3 has three adjustable viewing angles, maxing out at 160 degrees.

” Motion tracking has worked well, although—like AI features are not do—it could be sometimes finicky. It would, without a fail-lock on a moving target, and the shadow his movements. There were a couple of times, however, when I had the TV on, it would be distracted and to leave the person that you lured in the movement of the frame during it, instead of””, the movement on the screen. That does not concern me too much because I don’t leave the TV on when I’m away from home, but you might want to minimize, the non-human movement, if this function is enabled..

With the Ultra, Arlo moves in the system, the siren from the base station to the camera itself, and this is where it is located, on the Arlo Pro 3 as well. You can choose from you have sound when motion is detected, and at 100 decibels, it is scare is guaranteed to be the bejeezus out of everyone in earshot.

The Arlo’s modes of operation, a fixture since the first camera, and they are unchanged here. In Armed mode, the Arlo 3 Pro record video when motion is detected and you are notified via push notification. You can change these rules, add audio detection, download the duration of the video clips or the triggering of the base station-on-board siren if motion is detected. Schedule mode automatically arms the camera at certain times, and Geofencing mode arms you are not only when at home. Disarm turns off the motion detection, but not the camera.

arlo 3-library Michael Ansaldo/IDG

Video clips are marked triggered by the type of detection.

The Arlo app has a new look with the Ultra, and the new interface has been carried over here. Access to all camera live feed, controls, and settings in the menu to the right of the devices screen. This makes it much easier to switch between different camera views, because you do not need to open a separate page for each Arlo. To expand, all the camera live stream in full screen, simply tap on the extension of the arrows in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail video.

in addition to the viewing the camera feed on your phone, you can use Alexa or Google wizard to stream to smart displays based on these platforms. The Arlo Pro 3 is also Apple HomeKit compatible.


Arlo Pro 3 starter kits begin with a a-camera-and-base-station package for $250, and up to a six-camera kit for $950. The best option for most users, the two-camera package, reviewed here, costs $500. The Arlo Pro 3 camera is compatible with most the elder Arlo SmartHubs, though, so if you already have an Arlo user, you can buy Arlo Pro 3 cameras for $200 each (read on SmartHub compatibility to Arlo on the website). This is one of the absolutely the best indoor /outdoor security cameras that you can buy.

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