Ardwolf A60 Biometric Smart Electronic Lock Giveaway

Ardwolf A60 Biometric Smart Electronic Lock Giveaway

Hello Home-automation-members,

Good day! I’m Lukas  Ardwolf. I’m so glad to run this giveaway in the sub. To organize thanks to the mod team for the help the campaign! Read below and you will find them in the amazing gift of advertising in the community!


We will lock the draw to win A Ardwolf A60 fingerprint Keyless, the price is US$199.99

Smart lock basics:

  1. 304 stainless steel for the whole lock body, anti-rust, and anti-fading for 10 years

  2. live-semiconductor-sensor, 360 degree fingerprint-enables detection, to read the lock you can open your fingerprint with 0.5 seconds

  3. double-ID-combination-mode(2 users at the same time with your fingers, the vault door, vault door, gun room, couple room, etc).


Just answer the question:

  1. do you need a biometric fingerprint lock, which gives the opportunity to open the door with 2 fingerprints at the same time?

[Ends on 12. December at 12:00 PM PST, 2019]

the winner will be selected randomly and announced on December 13 in this thread. If you want to have a safe, you will receive a 30% Amazon coupon code on our website.

note: This is a global raffle so you can take part from anywhere in the world! We have the prices within a week, and all charges are covered to send.

About us

thank you for the Mod-team support! Feel free to ask me anything! Good Luck Everyone!’◡’

Released on Mon, 09 Dec 2019 13:54:56 +0000

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