Apple’s music play lists are so good, you ‘ ll blow your mind – CNET

Apple’s music play lists are so good, you ‘ ll blow your mind – CNET


Apple music playback, give you all the feels. 

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For me, looking back at the music I listened to in the past year always offers insights and triggers memories, good and bad. I like to think of it as a musical recording, another year has passed. But as Apple music subscribers had, I had to rely on third-party apps to give me a year in review looking back at the songs that I listened to the most. 

also in this year. Apple music has now Replay playlists that give you all the feels as you go through it. The play list is not created automatically, but it only takes a few seconds to request it, and add your Apple music “account”. 

I listen to music all day, and there are days when I get stuck in a rut listening to repeat the same album or artist. With a playlist of the top 100 songs I listened to in this last year, a fun way to break out of my norm, but while still listening to something I enjoy. And if you’re the type to throw a killer new year’s eve party, you can drag on hiring a DJ-only you the 2019 Replay. 

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Goodbye to iTunes


your Replay playlists

The fastest way to get your Replay playlist, As you visit the dedicated Apple website. You can use it from any device, it is necessary not only to charge your iPhone, iPad or Macbook Alternatively, you can open the music app on your Apple device, go to Browse, and tap on the playback tile. 

Click or tap on Get your Replay Mix, and log in with your Apple ID. A few seconds later, the website, the display of your 2019 Replay playlist. Scroll through to see the top 100 songs you’ve heard played this year, with the number of times during this time. 

Apple is also used for other statistics such as the total number of hours that you have listened to music, the number of artists (complete with their top 5) and the number of different albums (with a top 10 list). 


It only takes a couple of taps, your Replay playlists. 

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But here is where the magic really happens

If you scroll down in the Replay list, you will find that Apple has a music Replay play-lists for every single year that you already have an Apple-music-subscribers. 

tap on the Add  ” next to each playlist you want to add to your Apple-music-account.


you can even website on your playback using the Apple music beta. 

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For me, that means I now have playlists for 2015 through 2019 from the top music I heard for, the year. It’s crazy to go back and look at how much (or how little) of what I spent to hear most of the time, has changed. 

Mike Shinoda, the album is post-traumatic is a staple in 2018 and 2019, for me (and rightly so). In 2015, if I get the first log for Apple-music-and my children were much younger, I heard the descendants soundtrack more than I will admit. I had completely forgotten that movie until I see the soundtrack in my playlist. 


I feel so exposed, to show my playlists from years ago. 

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in the Last year from Spotify something similar for its users, and one would have to imagine they’ll do it again, as we get closer to the end of the year. 

If you are fairly new to the Apple music, or just make sure you get the most out of the app, make sure that you have these tips and tricks. Did you know you can create custom radio stations from Apple-music? Apple has been replace recently from iTunes on the Mac, it with a dedicated music app that works just like the iOS version, and let’s be honest-it was for the better. 


Apple may music, take you down memory lane. 

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