Apple updated its Clips video app with new Mickey and Minnie mouse sticker mouse support on iPad and more

Apple updated its Clips video app with new Mickey and Minnie mouse sticker mouse support on the iPad, and more

Apple on Tuesday released Clips 2.1.1, an update to its iOS and iPadOS app for making short video clips that you can share with your friends and family.

According to the release notes, the update contains the following:


    Use the

  • the Clips on the iPad with a mouse, trackpad or Bluetooth keyboard for new ways to create videos (requires iPadOS 13.4)
  • the

  • you can Use the Duplicate button to instantly create a copy of a clip, with all its effects
  • the

  • tap on the button of each clip that is in two
  • split to parts,

  • Set the label, pop it on and off the screen—split each clip and apply the sticker to one of the two new sections
  • the

  • you Give your video the look of the 80’s arcade game with updated 8-bit label and the new game posters
  • the

  • will you celebrate the spring with the flowers-spring-poster
  • the

  • Choose from 11 new Mickey and Minnie mouse stickers, each with its own expressive animations
  • the

  • performance and stability improvements

If you already have the Clips, you can install the update via the App Store. Start the App Store, and then tap or click your profile icon on the upper right side of the screen. Scroll down to see the Available Updates ” and search for Clips in the list of apps. Then tap the Update button next to the app. Or you can tap on Update All at the top of the list, which updates all the apps on the list.

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If you don’t clip 2.1.1 and want it, you can/it’s free in the App Store.

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Released on Tue, 07 Apr 2020 21:24:00 +0000

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