Apple remove vaping apps from the App Store

Apple remove vaping apps from the App Store

According to a report from Axios, Apple is going to delete, apps, control vaping products from the App Store. 

Apple has never allowed apps that enable a person  vaping purchase related products, but there are a lot of apps to be used in conjunction with them (in order to control the time, temperature, lighting, and so on). Other similar applications, the axe belong to vaping-topics in social networks and messaging apps. If you installed such an app already, it will continue to work, however.

Apple gave the following statement to Axios:

We take the utmost care to the care of the App Store as a trusted place for customers, in particular young people, to download apps. We are constantly on the evaluation of apps, and counseling, the latest findings, to determine risks to the health of users and well-being.

Recently experts from the CDC, the American Heart Association have attributed, to call a variety of lung injuries, and deaths to the e-cigarette and vaping ” products, so far, the spread of these devices is a public health crisis, and the youth epidemic.

We agree, and we have not updated to reflect on our App Store Review Guidelines that apps that promote or facilitate the use of these products allowed. As of today, these apps are no longer available for download.

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Released on Fri, 15 Nov 2019 17:54:00 +0000

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