Apple Prohibits Vaping Apps

Apple Prohibits Vaping-Related Apps

Apple has removed 181 vaping-related apps from its App Store. The move comes amid growing concern about the health effects of e-cigarettes and the increase in the number of vaping-related diseases among young people.


Apple has the 181 applications that related to “vaping” from its App Store. The company says it is concerned about the growing evidence of the health risks of e-cigarettes, especially to young people. NPR tech correspondent Shannon Bond more.

SHANNON BOND, “COORDINATES”: “Vaping” is on the rise, and so are smartphone apps, the e-cigarette. You can not the actual vaping buy products on the App Store, but these apps allow people, their interaction with your e-cigarettes. You can have them hot, or you change the color they glow. If someone loses a vape pen can help an app, or you can find it. And vapers can talk to each other, on their social networks.

MATTHEW MYERS: It is one of the ways that has made the industry, this product unique and attractive for teenagers and young adults.

BOND: Matthew Myers, President of campaign For tobacco-Free kids that urges tech to prohibit companies, videos, images, and applications to vapor in the connection.

MYERS: The availability of apps, as well as social media and online sales, and YouTube is one of the key factors for the perception of the young people that these products, make sure they are cool and they are something that should be done by the young people.

BOND: For Myers, and other public health advocates, the Apple ban is a great victory. In explaining his decision, the company pointed to the growing evidence that vaping is harmful to health. It is said that vaping is, quote, “a public health crisis and the youth of the epidemic,” citing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association. Apple says it is particularly concerned about their recent customers. More than a quarter of U.S. high school students said they vaped in the past month, according to a recent government survey.

The vape pen company Pax is an app that allows users to lock their vape pens, the control of temperature and taste. But it is no longer available in the App Store. Pax declined to comment on Apple’s ban. For people who have already downloaded the banned apps on their iPhones, you will still be able to use them and move the apps to new devices. And that means that the young people be able to use these smartphone apps, if you have this already.

Shannon Bond, NPR News, San Francisco.


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