Apple Arcade updates, Sonic Racing, and other games to play over the long weekend – CNET

Apple Arcade updates, Sonic Racing, and other games to play over the long weekend – CNET

Sonic Stage

This story is part of the CNET coverage of the Apple-Arcade, which, among other things, exclusive the first look we have of some of the services high-profile new games.

Apple Arcade, Apple’s $4.99 per month gaming service, launched the updates for the three games on Friday. Apple Arcade was able to Update games on an almost weekly basis release new title for their ever-growing catalogue more than 120 games  the play on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV. 

although lockdown restrictions by coronavirus pandemic start, lightness, play a game, can be a welcome distraction and a way to pass the time, if you stay inside. More details are updated on the games.

Hot Lava 

developer: Klei Entertainment

hot lava

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby brown/CNET

Hot Lava, the digital take on everyone’s favorite childhood game of The floor is Lava, is updated, with a new community-level named Sunshine coast. It is a new tropical beach to discover the surroundings with hidden secrets, to propose courses and to unlock the tropical elements, while you jump on a scorching beach sand. The game also added a new course in the school in the level. 

Sonic Racing 

developer: Sega HardLight

sonic racing

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby brown/CNET

In the update for the Apple Arcade version of Mario Kart knock-off, you can check out new online multiplayer modes to race against friends or the AI racers. You can also try the new Final Fortress Zone, which adds three new tracks, you send in the bowels of Eggman’s flagship.


developer: Pomelo-games


Apple/Screenshot by Shelby brown/CNET

the Outlanders, the city-builder simulation game, added a Sandbox mode for when you prefer to build a city to reach, targets, as in the original version. You can choose different terrain layouts, such as Islands, lakes, rivers, and Islands-each has unique advantages and disadvantages for city-building. You can also adjust, the resources, the followers in your city and the map size for more control and room to be creative.

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