Apple Arcade updated four games for you to play this weekend – CNET

Apple Arcade updated four games for you to play this weekend – CNET

Explore and defend the vast expanses of space in Any way at home. 


Apple Arcade rolled out updates for four games on Friday, which are now all available for play. Apple’s $4.99-per-month gaming subscription service, also new title The Otherside to his collection of more than 110 games of debuted in September. The service is on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV.

Here are the games that have been updated this week, and everything you added.

Steven universe: Unleash the light

developer: to Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar



In the RPG game, you can select and play as your favorite Steven Universe character from the original Cartoon Network show. You choose the gems are in your party, unlocking skills and changing costumes. With this update, the light of seven new quests, new character upgrades, and team skills for Lapis and bismuth has Unleash now. Plus, the players fuse smoky quartz for more team combo attacks.

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marble: a mess!

developer: of The marble, the Collective



marble-It-Up: Chaos! is games a digital take on a vintage marble. Now weekly challenges with new maps, hats, skins, and solo and multiplayer modes such as Team Gemhunt and Zombies. 

you roll your marble through challenging and elegantly rendered campaigns. Along the way, paths is always difficult, and the force of gravity to be moved — make sure you grab power-ups and gems, and blow up your friends in order to win a better chance.


developer: Against Evil and Gambrinous

card pocalypse


card pocalypse, one of my favorites on the Apple Arcade, is a coming-of-age-single-player-game where you have to use card games to defeat the monsters that have been kidnapping the students. In his new Gauntlet mode, you can choose your Champions and fight your way through more difficult battles. After each victory, you can of the design of the new cards, rules, and rewards for your deck.

No Way Home

developer: SMG Studio



The space shooter game No Way Home is to meet new missions, enemies, and aliens as they explore the universe.

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