Android Phones-Introduction


Android phones have quickly become the “wave of the future”. Not only can mobile talk & text on an Android, you can use many other applications on the phone as if you were using your home pc, only on a much smaller scale. Take, for example, the app store, you can download everything from a flashlight in a foreign language translator, a mapping device, all of which you can easily in the palm of your hand. You can surf the internet while you are on your lunch break in the park. Some of the phones come equipt with a small keyboard while others work only with a touch screen, the drag it to the top, a digital keyboard on the Display itself.With an Android phone also becoming easier and easier as time moves on. Some applications can be opened by simple voice command can also be used to make phone calls, to call just by stating the words “home” or “call work”. These phones can also be used to view photos and videos can be instantly uploaded to your pc at home, without a home. It is also a USB cable that comes with the phone for you to use when you are at home and want to synchronize your phone with your PC, either to charge or transfer files to or from your phone.I do not know before seen the sales of Android phones to slow down anytime soon, and I’m curious to see what will come in the future!

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