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As a mobile application developer if you want to be a successful name in the mobile market, learning the tricks of building for the Android operating system is required. This is due to the fact that Android has surpassed the other OS platforms of iOS, Windows Phone, etc. in terms of popularity among businesses and individuals. It is true that Android is the highest selling system of the year 2012, and if predictions of mobile market researchers are of the opinion that the number of users of the platform increases with the years. Know-how and experience in working on the Android OS platform as a first time developer, follow the tips listed below:SQL Learn – SQL knowledge is a must for building robust and good quality apps for the Android platform. The storage system of Android is based on SQLite, and therefore, it is necessary from the point of view of app developers familiar with SQL. Once the developer has a thorough knowledge of SQL, he/she can, stable mobile applications for the protection of the app data despite of interference in the work of the platform. It is known that running Android saps the battery life of mobile devices very quickly. With a thorough knowledge in SQL, a developer know how the Android user interface and your database query results will connect directly, to lose in order to reduce the possibility of app data when the device is shut down unexpectedly. The decay of Large Android Apps – Even as a beginner in the world of Android application development, you may have to work on large apps where the project requirements are complex. Dealing with such large projects would mean difficulty of the coding of the app. It is suggested that one large app be divided into several parts. It is then easier for you in the app-code, as a developer, you would also have to store, require limited resources and will be able to, a smaller Android application faster. To learn and Use, Android-rules – Every major platform and operating system has a number of rules and regulations to follow for the developers, in order to promote the creation of good quality apps. But innovation is welcome, it should. not the Android coming from a first time developer, at the expense of ignoring the platform designing norms Therefore, beginners a fair idea of how to start an Android app, how to stop, and also, how to start to it’s new effective. If the workability issues of the Android platform, the of them, there is a possibility that the app was created to be a failure is worked out on the market.In Particular, the instruments, the development of Expensive software and hardware tools are not required for building your first Android app. You are using a Mac, Windows PC or another Linux, it is proposed, for the first time, the developers. The use of tools such as Android SDK, Eclipse and the ADT plug-in are also mandatory. These are freely available, and thus the developers do not think about the resources available. In the design of apps for Android-powered tablets, you can use the “Allow USB Debugging” setting, for better quality of mobile applications.The above were some of the most important tips, the first time, the need of the developers for the Android platform, to keep in mind. Digressed from the tips lead to the failure of Android apps.

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