Android 11 beta starts on may 3. June, and it will help you in the fight against robocalls – CNET

Android 11 beta starts on may 3. June, and it will help you in the fight against robocalls – CNET


The next iteration of Google’s Android operating system in June.

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Google on Wednesday said it is holding an online event next month is for the first time, the beta version of Android 11, the next generation of the search giant in the mobile operating system. 

The event, scheduled for 3. June, at 8 a.m. PT, with Keynotes from Google senior executives, including Android vice president of engineering, Dave Burke, senior director of product management Stephanie Cuthbertson. Thereafter, the company will hold a live question-and-answer session, and technical discussions, aimed at software developers. 

The search giant usually presents Android at the Google I/O, the company annual developer conference, and their biggest event of the year. But the meeting was a canceled this year due to the proliferation of the novel coronavirus

Google already has a taste of a hand published in full on developer preview of Android 11 test versions of the software for the app-manufacturer, before the operating system released more widely. 

A new feature allows you to grant people, apps, one-time-location, microphone and camera data, instead of developers becoming more and more broad access to information. With the new option, the app-makers, only the data until the user moves away from the app. After that, the developers have to ask for permission again.

Another upgrade packs annoying robocalls. Android 11 call-screening apps do more, in order to prevent spam calls. The software apps check a call’s “stir/shake” – status of protection against IP spoofing. It can also record why someone rejected the call. If a user granted permission, the user can recognize the app, if a call came from a Person in your contacts or to an external number.

Android is the dominant mobile operating system in the world, strength-almost nine out of 10 smartphones shipped in the world. But Google is the biggest challenge with new versions of Android is actually getting on people’s phones, as mobile operators and device manufacturers can slow down the process. 

Google has not released user numbers for the previous version of the software, Android 10. But the last time, Google updated its distribution of figures in may 2019, Android 9 have been installed in only 10.4% of the Android phones. The three versions published before the make-up 64.4% of Android phones. In contrast, 77% of Apple ‘ s iPhone operating system, iOS-13.

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