AMD will not load stop until Ryzen CPUs with even more cores

AMD will not load stop until Ryzen CPUs with even more cores br/>

How many CPU cores are too many? This is a difficult question without a simple answer, but what is your view on the topic of AMD to stop upping the ante when it comes to download mainstream Ryzen processors with more cores.

This is from AMD CTO, Mark papermaster, in the Interview with Tom’s Hardware and asked a series of questions, including the question of whether to continue to push core counts, heavy sense of power.

of course, fresh Ryzen published introduced 9 3950X already, the 16-cores for the mainstream space, even if the top-end consumers, of course – but not 16-cores be sufficient? The doubling again makes a great core-number (“moar cores!”) Statement, which controls only for their own sake, and more about marketing and sales than about the actual usefulness for the PCs in the real world on a consumer level?

Absolutely not, according to the paper master. When he was asked to push if it made sense, with a 32-core Ryzen CPU is aimed at mainstream users, he replied: β€œI see in the mainstream space impending obstacle, and here’s why: It’s just a catch-up time for the software, the multi-core approach. But we are over that hurdle, now more and more applications can take advantage of multi-core and multi-threading.”

He added: β€œIn the near future, I see a saturation point for the cores. You are very thoughtful, if you do not add cores, because they do not want to add to it before the application that you can use. As long as you keep the balance, I think we will continue to see that trend.”

So, there is no saturation point for the cores to come in the near future, with the balance in, for example, is held between the software and hardware capabilities – which would seem to show that we can expect a 32-core consumer Ryzen CPU before too long (as 64-cores, the point is AMD is now achieved with his Epyc server-processors).

of Course, the argument about how many cores a consumer chip really depends on what the users do with their PC, and what kind of software applications can be used.

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