Always the 16-inch-MacBook Pro? Here is how to wipe your MacBook before you sell or give them away – 9to5Mac

Always the 16-inch-MacBook Pro? Here is how to wipe your MacBook before you sell or give them away – 9to5Mac

If you have just picked, the 16-inch-MacBook Pro or will you soon, and to sell, you’re gonna/give away their existing Mac notebook follow along as you wipe your MacBook and install a new copy of macOS.

Before the jump to the right, wipe your MacBook, make sure that you have a current backup. You also want characters from all connected accounts.

To head off problems, the line to the bottom, turn off your Mac in the music app (or iTunes). To navigate, depending on what you have, and click in the menu bar on the Accountpermissions →  “This Computer Disable”.

It is also good to log out of iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime manually. It doesn’t hurt, from other accounts, under System settings – > Internet Accounts also.

Also, if you want to have a bootable version of Catalina on a USB Stick, have a look at our video tutorial. It is not necessary to wipe and install macOS on your Mac, but it can be handy.

And if you plan to sell your MacBook on your own, it is probably a good idea to have the butterfly keyboard replaced for you free of charge if you have not already done so.

How to wipe your MacBook before you sell or give away

< / h3>in macOS, Start Recovery

macOS-Recovery to install a different version of macOS, depending on the button combination you use, when you start your Mac (no installation discs or macOS loaded on an external hard drive necessary). Hold one of the following button combinations immediately after switching on your Mac, and let go when you see the world-or the Apple logo.



  • ⌘R (command-R) = Install the latest macOS is installed on your Mac, without upgrading to a newer version.
  • the

  • ⌥⌘R (Option-command-R) = Upgrade to the latest macOS-compatible with your Mac

As Apple notes on its support page, “if you are selling or giving away a Mac with OS X El Capitan or earlier, use the keys option-command-R to ensure that the installation associated with your Apple ID.” This is the latest available software.

For this guide, I used ⌥⌘R, the macOS Recovery over the internet and install the latest macOS version (this option requires a Wi-Fi connection).


charging time for macOS-Recovery will vary depending on your internet connection. When the process is complete, you will see the macOS-menu “utilities”.

How to wipe the MacBook or MacBook Pro before you sell or give them away, pass 3

you Erase your startup volume (hard drive/solid state drive)


  1. Click on Disk Utility in the utilities window, and then click Next.
  2. the

  3. Select your startup volume in the sidebar of the disk utility (click on the top Element, such as Apple SSD, as shown in the image below, not the name of the data carrier, Macintosh HD)
  4. the

  5. Click on Delete at the top of the utility window (if you do not see, or may not, choose delete, click the volume name in the volume name (Macintosh HD),, then try again)
  6. the

  7. Enter a name for the hard drive (Macintosh HD ” by default on a new Mac), use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatting and a GUID partition table) Schema
  8. the

  9. Click on Delete (if you are finished, click in the menu bar, Disk Utility → Quit disk utility to return to the macOS Utilities window)

new installation of macOS


  1. Back to the main macOS Utilities window, click new installation of macOS
  2. the

  3. follow the prompts and select the hard drive you want to install macOS (if you have multiple hard drives)
  4. the

  5. you Plug in the power cord if you are using a MacBook
  6. the

  7. Click on Install
  8. the

  9. If you have a SSD, under certain circumstances, a 10-20 minute installation estimate, if you have a HDD likely to be longer
  10. the

  11. completion of the installation, you will see the welcome screen with the region selector. If you keep your Mac, continue with the setup process. If you sell or give your Mac to someone else, use the key combination ⌘Q to quit the setup assistant and make your Mac shut down.

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