Alphabet board is to conduct the investigation execs over claims of sexual harassment and other misconduct

Alphabet board is investigating execs over claims of sexual harassment and other misconduct

Alphabet board of directors has launched an investigation into how managers in the companies handled false claims, CNBC reported earlier today after the display of materials, it says show a separate has been formed under the Committee and a law firm committed to see

One of the topics for these claims, the company’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, whose long-time extramarital affair with an employee was first surfaced in a story reported by the information in the year 2017, a day after the resignation, that another former executive, Android-Creator Andy Rubin had previously left the company after an internal investigation found that he had carried on an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.

Rubin, who has since helped the consumer-electronic-products-Indispensable, consistently any failure denied behavior. Still,  it angry Google employees, which have almost a year later, in a New York Times investigation, he would have negotiated a $90 million severance package on his way out the door.

He was not the only Director who was paid by Google after he was accused of sexual harassment. Former search senior vice president Amit Singhal was also accused of sexual harassment, the decision to leave the company as it was reportedly looking into the incident. Singhal, who was denied for 15 years at Google, and also any wrongdoing, was made a distribution that was ultimately to 15 million US Dollar.

Both payments have been confirmed by Google’s Leadership Development and Compensation Committee. Today, the Committee of investors John Doerr and Ram Shriram, along with Gilead Sciences CFO Robin Washington, although Washington was only brought them on the Alphabet Board in April.

the Other employees have also accused the company of not doing enough to stop sexual harassment in the past few years, including a former Google engineer, announced on Twitter in 2015, that bothered you a long time sexually, the management at Google, and that the company, in spite of their complaints, will have none of it and even supports their harassers.

Why waiting the company, until now, this action is not yet clear, but CNBC suggests that the recent headlines with Drummond at least a part of the driver.

It was the end of August, that his former colleague, Jennifer Blakely, published a post on Medium in which she described Drummond as a serial philanderer, and his wife left for Blakely, then left Blakely and the son he fathered with her for another now-former Google employee.

Blakely claimed that Drummond had “an affair with his ‘personal assistant’, which he moves in one of his new houses.”

A day later, Drummond gave a statement of his own, realizes his relationship with Blakely, and their “difficult break-up 10 years ago.” He went on to say that, “As you’d expect, there are two sides to all discussions and information from Jennifer telling, and I take a very different view about what happened. I have discussed these claims directly with Jennifer, and I spoke to the details of our relationship with our employer at the time.”

Then said Drummond in his testimony that he wanted to, “a claim that touches on technical issues. Other than Jennifer, I’ve never started a relationship with someone else, who was working at Google or the Alphabet. Any suggestion otherwise is simply not true.”

days after the issue of the statement, Drummond was married to a Google employee, who he had been dating.

Drummond, which has continued in its top role in the Alphabet and was paid $47 million euros in the past year, this week sold $27 millionn the value of the shares, according to SEC filings. Maybe he needs something for the legal fees.

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