Alexa is about to be very disappointed

Alexa is very disappointed

A common misconception has always been one of the strongest appeals of the intelligent assistant. What a bad pop song or the terrible online video that you are playing for the 10,000 th time — you don’t care. They are simply there to help, judgment-free.

Amazon, however, was the work of some of the features that help behind the scenes, that Alexa is more true to life The include to make it more emotional resonance to the smart assistant — namely, the ability to, it’s voice sounded different, excited and disappointed.

“Alexa’s emotions” – function, three brightness levels. For the full effect, here is the “I only listened to the Smiths and then Googled what Morrissey has in the last time” mode:

We all get down around the holidays, Alexa. Are you sure that there is nothing to talk, what do you want here? Amazon says that users get the feeling of re-sensitive assistant. ” Early customer feedback shows that the overall satisfaction with the voice of experience increased by 30%, if Alexa responded with emotion,” he writes in one post.

The feature is available for developers from today, primarily on the gaming capabilities. That means that you probably start the Roll-out of applications in the near future. No word on whether it is possible, those flash news briefings to eternal disappointment.

The company will also Roll out a content-customized delivery, design, to, Alexa a style more like a news anchor or radio presenter.

Released on Wed, 27 Nov 2019 16:14:06 +0000

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