AirPods Pro review: Apple at its best

AirPods Pro review: Apple at its best

Apple is at his best when he takes something that people find difficult or annoying, and then makes it effortless. And the new AirPods Pro are a perfect example.

you are not the first wireless earphones with noise-cancelling, and they are not the best sounding wireless earbuds you can buy, but they sound quite good and they are just so easy that it will just go hard again, and nothing else.

the wireless easy

The original AirPods was a smash success, and it’s not because Apple invented the first truly wireless earbuds. Nor is it because they sound better than anything else in its price class.

AirPods wireless made effortless. While you in addition to your iPhone, AirPods pair it with your device just by opening the case. The connection is rock solid. Turn on and connect, if they out of the enclosure and turn off when you reset them. You know, if you have a out of the ear and the music will pause automatically.

The AirPods case is small enough to fit in any pocket, opens it, and closes with a satisfying magnetic snap, and the earphones fall right into your carefully-equipped slots.

With the AirPods, Apple took the annoying rough patches around the use of wireless earbuds and made them easy and delightful.

So what can Apple do for an encore?

tweaks to the design that improves the quality of the sound, adds active noise-cancelling, and is called the AirPods Per.

AirPods Per are absolutely top of the Apple. In the same way as with the original AirPods, you are not a new invention. Not to be outdone, get the best wireless headphones in the price class. But AirPods Per are designed thoughtfully, so effortlessly and easily to go back that it is pretty annoying to have to with other wireless earphones.

A design that is hard to beat

we start with the case. It is a shorter, wider version of the case for the regular AirPods and includes charging wireless—there is no way to buy a non-wireless charging case. It is only slightly larger overall, and to slip just as easily in any pocket. In addition, it is the same as the AirPods case, and that is a good thing. It snaps open and closed with the same satisfying magnetic closure, and the earphones fall right in the slots equipped.

airpods per open Jason Cross/IDG

The AirPods Per case is so compact and beautiful as the original AirPods.

Why have the Apple-to replicate competitors in the location of this experience? Since the publication of the AirPods, Apple cases bag are still smaller, lighter, easier to use, with your earbuds in and out of, just easier than all the others. Good on Apple for the update AirPods with noise-canceling silicone tips, without the ultra-compact and easy-to-use nature of the case.

look, The earphones themselves are familiar, just a bit tweaked. You are stilly visible AirPods, and for better or worse, they only come in high gloss white. As much as I would love a matt black or Product(RED), or space gray, Apple seems to have decided that the Apple headphones are glossy white. Time.

The stems are shorter, which I appreciated. You don’t look quite so stupid, and the shorter stem makes for better balance, which helps keep you in your ear.

The most obvious difference is that the silicone tips on the front. Who has a Number of different earphones will tell you: rubber or foam tips create a seal in the ear canal, which helps improve the bass response, and blocks outside noise.

airpods per compare3 Jason Cross/IDG

The shorter stems looks make AirPods Per more comfortable and a little less goofy.

Apple offers three pairs of tips—small, medium and large—and there is even a little “fit-test” function in the settings to help make sure you have a good seal. I had no problem passing that test with the two medium and the small tips, but the little ones are also much more convenient. You should try the different sizes.

airpods Jason Cross/IDG

AirPods Per come with three pairs of eartips (replacements are $4) and a USB-C flash cable.

Regular AirPods are not uncomfortable, but you stay don ‘ T very good. If you are on the road a lot, you need to be re-set. If you are working out, you are likely to fall. AirPods Pro solves both of these problems—they are lightweight and extremely comfortable, and they stay in their proper place, even while running or working out. Just pop them in and forget about them, without a feeling of pressure or discomfort, and no need to frequently re-adjust your Position. There are not many earphones that I have been saying could be that.

The AirPods Per also have new controls on the earphones itself. Instead, you tap on the old AirPods, there is a pressure-sensitive surface on the shaft. To use it you have to play a kind of “pinch” the stem cells—a pinch or to pause, skip two forward, three back, or a long-squeeze switch-to-noise-cancelling-and transparency mode.

airpods per control Jason Cross/IDG

The new pressure-sensitive area on the stems is hard to find, but you don’t actually have to. Simply the stem of a pinch.

If you want to, you can use the long squeeze trigger Siri, and you can even have different settings for the left and right earphones.

The squeezing thing is a little strange. It is not a button, moves nothing. But Apple made it feel like a button, by the rays of the speaker a little “click” sound in just the earbuds that you squeeze. So it kind of feels like the click of a button, even if there is no button. It is completely free and totally Apple.

It took a little getting used to, but now I find to be the pinch, easier than typing on a regular AirPods. The earphones don’t fall out of my ears like the tap sometimes, and I can do it, if I’m working in the yard with gloves on.

Better sound, but not quite sufficient

Apple talks a big game about the improved sound quality of the AirPods Per, and it is definitely better, but it is still far from “professional” quality.

These are definitely not the best-sounding wireless earphone I’ve heard. You don ‘ T keep Dynamic a candle to something like the MW07s of Master &. These are the “Pro” earphones only in the sense that they work the best version that Apple provides, the actual audio professionals would never use this for real production.

Still, they sound good enough, and quite a bit better than normal AirPods. With silicone tips to block outside noise and better bass, the Apple does not have to be a overload of the sound spectrum to compensate for the loose, open-ear design of the original AirPods. AirPods Per are not as “Bass-heavy” and not muddy up the high frequencies so much.

Whether it is balanced hip-hop, R&B, classical, rock, pop, or podcasts, all sound reasonable. I never had the feeling like I needed to break out an equalizer to the music sound as it should.

Most users would not be disappointed with the AirPods Pro-sound-quality, especially if you are used to regular AirPods. But at $250, the AirPods Per probably sound better a little. The bass is not as punchy as I would like, and the highs not as sharp crisp sound, the cymbals sound.

Active noise cancelling for the masses

Then there are the big-ticket item, and the active noise cancellation. Apple is not the first to do this in wireless-earbuds—Sony has a few different models that do it—but the popularity of the AirPods is to say that this is probably one of the first wireless earbud may be the first headphone of all kinds, with which many people will experience noise cancelling.

thankfully, Apple’s implementation is not half bad. The AirPods Per did an excellent job in eliminating the noise that most of the active noise-cancelling systems excel at: mid-to-low-frequency continuous noise such as air conditioners, dishwashers, rail, traffic and aircraft noise. She fights a little less regular, higher-frequency sounds such as children crying, or certain types of power tools.

A good pair of over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones from Bose or Sony will make will almost certainly do a better job of eliminating background sounds, but for in-ear wireless earphones that has done Apple, a pretty impressive work.

During the most noise-canceling headphones give you a certain amount of control over the strength of the function, Apple instead relies on an automatic adjustment function which continuously adjusts the sound up to 200 times a second. I was worried about this automatic adjustment of the matter, but in practice it works really great. Move between environments, the noise cancelling still sounds and of course. And the function is just so much easier to use. Audiophile precise control over the level and type of noise cancelling, but the average users just want to go and, to your earbuds.

reduced In any case, between the silicone tips and noise suppression, most of the background noise drastically, if not completely eliminated.

That means cranking you don’t have your music to hear it clearly. When using this on my Desk, or walking around my neighborhood in the suburbs, isolate me so well, that I concentrated just sort of drifting in my own little world, the music. If you have never used a good pair of noise cancelling headphones before, the feeling is really kind of magical.

best transparency mode

of course, eliminates all of the background noises can be dangerous in some situations, and this is where the transparency mode. All the modern noise-canceling headphones have something like this, albeit with different names. There is a mode where you leave the noise-cancelling, but they use the microphones to pipe in some outside noise, the the frequency areas you most need to hear, such as cars and human voices.

Apple’s the transparency mode is one of the best I’ve ever used. With other headphones, this feature tends to make everything sound far away and unreal, while it is your own voice loud and in the head. It is a bit like you are listening to the world via a telephone line.

airpods per-settings IDG


On the AirPods Per it sounds very natural and makes it really easy to have a conversation with someone. It’s not annoying at all, you can leave it enabled, if you go for a walk or a bike ride, and this is not something that can be said about the most noise-canceling headphones.

Apple provides you with a lot of opportunities to switch between noise-cancelling, transparency mode, and the noise suppression. You can go to the Bluetooth settings, or use the volume control in the control center, or your Apple watch, or even Siri. And Yes, these work with Siri completely hands-free, just like the second generation of the AirPods and the Beats Pro.

The most comfortable earphones ever

The true genius of the AirPods Per, the reason you are going to want this on some other wireless earbuds that sound better or have better noise suppression, is that they are just so darn convenient.

they are so light and fit so well and stay in place so well, to forget that it is easy, you have them in at all. Regular AirPods are shoved from place to place easily, so that even if you are not, I find myself occasionally adjusting their placement. It is not a problem per se, but it means that I’m going to think my AirPods.

airpods per outside Jason Cross/IDG

The weight, shape, sleeves and shorter stem of the AirPods Per make you very comfortable.

This remains even when going out for a run in a way that would make regular AirPods to fall out of alignment, or out of my ear completely. The better balance of the shorter the stem, and the silicone tips, they keep everything in place. I never find one that made me think about the AirPods Per, to someone with your arms waving at me, trying to get my attention, because I’m in my own little musical world, and you try to talk to me.

The best earbuds are the best earbuds

in the Same way as regular AirPods, the AirPods Per are easier to set up than any other wireless headphones, and have a super small case, to use the wonderful. Maintain a rock-solid connection, to automatically pause when you take them out of the ears, and turn on automatically when you in your case. They are just the easiest wireless headphones, iPhone users get.

AirPods Per everything you love about the AirPods, but better. They are more comfortable. They stay in your ears better. They sound better, and they have pretty good active noise cancellation with excellent transparency mode.

The only thing that has not improved Apple is the battery life, which is just O. K., you get around five hours without noise cancelling, and a four-and-a-half with noise cancelling. The case holds 24 hours worth of charging time and can charge the headset pretty quickly.

The AirPods Per are not the best sounding earbuds. They do not offer the best noise-canceling performance. You don’t have the longest life of the battery. You are not “the best”, and yet, they are hands down the best wireless earbuds that can get a iPhone user. You lead well enough, and they are so comfortable and reliable that I find myself constantly annoyed by the slight disadvantages of the competing earphones.

At $249 cost you $50 more than the regular AirPods with the Wireless Charging Case, or $90 more with the regular survey. The improvements more than justify the price difference, although I think the sound quality should be just a little better for the price.

There is basically no reason why someone AirPods should regularly buy, unless you just want a less expensive thing, you can ear quickly pop into your calls.

AirPods Pro are a perfect example of what Apple does best. You take cutting-edge technology and make something that will not exceed, perhaps, all of your competitors, but still performs quite well, while you use much easier and more enjoyable.

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