Adobe brings Adobe Illustrator to the iPad in the year 2020

Adobe brings Adobe Illustrator to the iPad in the year 2020

Adobe brings another of its desktop-class imaging and graphics apps for the iPad: Illustrator, win for a Start, 2020, the company announced today at the annual MAX conference. Last year, Adobe released to deliver a similar plan, the Photoshop for iPad and this app launched on the App Store early on Monday.

Illustrator for the iPad is still in the “early” development, not shared with the company, so that we know exactly what it will look like relative to the desktop version. But it will focus on the most touch, and Apple pen-based input, which is clearly available on the iPad. As with Photoshop documents created on one platform

The app is in a limited private beta now, but the group of people with access is very exciting, until Adobe has managed to further along in the process of development. You can sign up now interest register, however, and maybe you get access to help at some point earlier than the official launch, with the beta-and construction process.

Adobe says it is already in contact with “thousands of designers”, in order to understand how best to build a version of Illustrator that works best for you, as you with tablets in their work. If the Photoshop for iPad-release-process is any action, at the Start of next year, Illustrator does not offer feature parity, but it is a starting point for turning the iPad into a real one-stop-shop for creative professionals, in favour of an Adobe-working environment.

Released on Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:33:02 +0000

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