About Adobe cc Programs 2019 activation

This is a complete guide on how to get Adobe CC programs for free!

2- Adob ​​e CC 2018
3- Adob ​​e CC 2019
4-other version or program
6-Frequently Asked Questions and Notes
Adobe CC 2018 is the last version of the old activation scheme (ATM using amtlib.dll) (February 16, 2019). The only way to get clean Adobe CC2019 on Windows is to use a pre-patched version on macOS. Adobe Zii is available and compatible with the CC2019 version

With the release of CC 2019, Adobe removed amtlib.dll (and his macOS equivalent), which is the DLL responsible for activating and disabling all offline activation options. The solution for many years has been patching DLLs (eg using AMTemu) , Universal Adob ​​e Patcher or Adobe Zii (if on macOS) or use keygen.

2) Adobe CC 2018 – for Windows and macOS

1-Go to helpx.adobe.com/cn/download-install/kb/creative-cloud-apps-download.html
2-Download the required software
3-disconnect the internet
4-Install the software, then close the window that needs to be logged in for trial at the end of the installation (ie don’t add any accounts or start trial)
5-Start the patch you like (check the following in the activation section)
6- Enjoy!

1-Download CCMaker
2- Select the correct option (“Download” or “Download and Install” in our example) and select the latest CC 2018 version. (v19.X.X.X, v20 corresponds to CC2019)
3-Select “Activate with AMTemu”
4- enjoy
3a) Adobe CC 2019 – Windows

Recommended procedure

This is another thing for Windows, which will be the method (I will keep the post updated) before releasing a valid patch that does not need to follow a specific version. At the same time, the known “good guys” (PainteR is the person who developed AMTemu and Universal Adob ​​e Patcher) m0nkrus, PainteR and Zer0cod3 produced pre-release versions (only ENGlish and RUSsian), should be updated when the new version is released.

Note: m0nkrus has version checking disabled, you can install it on Windows 7 and 8.1 – please note that some errors may occur.

1-Go to rutracker.org
2- Search for “Adob e Master Collection CC 2019” (should be the first pop-up window)
3-download (we only need CD1 – about 18GB)
4-Install or extract ISO
5-Start “autorun.exe” and follow the steps on the screen
6- enjoy

1-Go to forum.ru-board.com
2-Search and download “Adob e Deluxe Patcher”
3- Download and install the required patchable version of the CC2019 software via CCMaker (or Creative Cloud App, although not recommended, check the following).
4-Repair with “Adob e Deluxe Patcher”
5- enjoy!
3b) Adobe CC 2019 – macOS

For macOS, this process is the same as the CC 2018 version, and it is not currently possible to download links directly from Adobe. (I will update them after they are released)

3c) Adobe CC 2019 – Language Conversion for Windows

For those who want to use any of the cc2019 suites (whose language is different from English or Russian), you must do the following:

Download the main collection and extract iso.
Go to Adobe CC 2019 / products and open SuiteInfo.xml:
In supported languages, you must add language codes (you can easily find them on the Internet)

Download ccmaker and then you must download the required application and the required language pack from there. Please note that you must download the same version of the program that came with the master collection. To check which version of the program that comes with the main collection, go to Adobe CC 2019 / products / nameOfTheProgram / and open application.json where you will see the version number.
After downloading the program, go to the download folder you selected in ccmaker and look for the language zip. (For example, for photoshop, you can find it in Adobe Photoshop CC(win64)\ products \ PHSP)
Copy the language zip into Adobe CC 2019 / products / nameOfTheProgram / and follow the instructions on the OP post to run the installer.
4) Other versions or programs

1-Go to adobe.com/downloads/other-downloads.html and select the version (note that for CS3 you need an account and CS2 is free)
2-Download the required software
3- Disconnect from the internet (may not be necessary, but it is best to be safe)
4- Install the software and then close the window that requires login/start trial at the end of the installation.
5-Start your favorite patch or key generator (check the following in the activation section)
6- Enjoy!
5) Activation

Now everyone wants the part… activate activation

As I said in the CC 2019 version, Adobe removed amtlib.dll, so the only way to use the CC2019 version without restriction on Windows is to use the “Master Collection” of m0nkrus and PainteR. This is just because it is a reputable source, I would rather have something that I can trust from a known source, not a patch from an unknown source. You can use CCMaker to download, install and activate the CC 2018 version, as well as download and install the CC 2019 version (not activated).

Adobe Deluxe Patcher is based on the work of Zer0cod3, which replaces all files with a patched version.

For macOS, the patch has been released and it is an updated Adobe Zii.

Users of this subcategory recently released it as a possible Windows activation method (thanks to u / Extrnal): https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/9ocvsl/adobe_cc_2019_apps_no_longer_use_amtlibdll_and/e7t35b2/

Adobe CS2 is free for everyone and the serial number is available on the download page. For CS6, CS5 and CS4 versions, a registrar or “Universal Adob ​​e Patcher” can be used; for CS3, a Keygen is required. If you use a key generator, we recommend that you block the connection to the Adobe activation server.

So now is the state like this:

Version OS method
CC2018 Windows AMTemu or Universal Adob ​​e Patcher (PainteR) or CCMaker
CC2018 macOS Adob ​​e Zii
CC2019 Windows Master Collection (provided by m0nkrus and PainteR) or “Adob e Deluxe Patcher”
CC2019 macOS Adob ​​e Zii
The “Master Collection” can be found on rutracker.org, and all activators can be found on their original resource forum.ru-board.com.

You can also get AMTemu, Universal Adob ​​e Patcher (for CC2018) and CCMaker (for all versions) by searching for “plat28 zippyshare” on Google. All files in the dump file from board28 are source-pass verified.

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