5G iPhone should be ready by the autumn in spite of coronavirus, Foxconn reportedly says – CNET

5G iPhone is supposed to be ready until the autumn, despite coronavirus, Foxconn reportedly says – CNET

Angela Long/CNET

Apple’s biggest manufacturing contractor, Foxconn, reportedly told investors in a call on Tuesday that the upcoming 5G-enabled iPhone should still be able to meet its fall launch schedule — assuming there are no other coronavirus-related delays in the coming months. The next iPhone 12 is told, new color, and image size options, as well as 5 G support. 

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In February, Foxconn faced delays occur, because thousands of workers will be needed to assemble iPhones and other Apple electronics, were told to stay at home by COVID-19. The company has since resumption of operations, but not without some lingering issues.

“are We and the customer’s engineers, trying to catch up the missing gap after we lost a few days due to the travel ban. It is a Chance and possibility that we catch up, maybe,” Alex Yang, investor relations-the chief of Foxconn, said on a conference call, Bloomberg reported. “But to reconsider if there is a further delay in the coming weeks, months, then you probably have a Start time. It is still possible.”

Much of the new iPhone’s fate seems to hang on, to hope for the rest of the pandemic, but Foxconn is allegedly the new iPhone launch in time for the holiday season. 

We reached Apple and Foxconn for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

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