5G conspiracy theories Trigger attacks On mobile phone towers

5G conspiracy theories Trigger attacks On cell phone towers

dozens of cell phone towers and equipment boxes were set on fire, in the UK, apparently, of people who believe 5G technology will help the spread of the Corona Virus.


We go now in the UK, where some people phone burn-towers – dozens of them. They are driven by false conspiracy theories without any proof-link with the rollout of 5G technology, with the spread of the coronavirus. NPR’s London correspondent, Frank Langfitt has this report.

FRANK LANGFITT, BYLINE: in This month, people have lit up cell phone towers in fire, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool and the English village of Melling. Gareth Elliott is a speaker for Mobile UK, which represents the country, the mobile network Provider.

GARETH ELLIOTT: We have seen an escalation of attacks on mobile infrastructure. This is cabinets, masts and gear. In addition, we have also seen verbal abuse of our employees.

LANGFITT: Like this confrontation, in which a woman recorded, self-questioning, artisans of the Installation of fiber optic cable in East London.


unidentified PERSON #1: you know, what do you do now? You laying 5G.<'re/p>

unidentified PERSON #2: Yes.

unidentified PERSON #1: you know, the killing people?

LANGFITT: In the video, the woman on the left with the rollout of the 5G to the coronavirus and the national lockdown.


unidentified PERSON #1: did you parents?

unidentified PERSON #2: Only my mother.

unidentified PERSON #1: If you turn this switch on, bye-bye, mama. She added that the laying of 5G. So that is basically why we are all on the inside, while you have a free Hand in London, isn’t it?

unidentified PERSON #2: It’s a 5G is.

unidentified PERSON #1: Well, everyone will be dead. We are all the device in the hospital with a respiratory protection.

STEPHEN POWIS: The 5G story is absolute garbage. It is a nonsense.

LANGFITT: Stephen Powis is the national medical Director for England’s National Health Service. He said there is no evidence, 5G with the coronavirus, and the attack on the infrastructure is ridiculous.

POWIS: The cell phone networks are absolutely crucial, if we ask people to stay at home. In particular, but these are also the mobile networks to be used by our emergency services and our health workers. And I am absolutely outraged that people would take action against the infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency.

LANGFITT: grace Rahman is a researcher for the Full fact, a British fact-checking organization. She says, the two strands of 5G conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet.

GRACE RAHMAN: On the one hand, there is this idea that, you know, Corona-Virus is a kind, and it is to keep a front, the people locked up in their houses, while the government 5G installed. On the other hand, we have people who think that the coronavirus symptoms are actually kind of the mass of the violation of 5G and it is not a virus.

LANGFITT: Rahman says that some celebrities have reinforced the conspiracy theories. David Icke, a former football player and conspiracy theorist, recently his unfounded opinion on the Internet-talk-broadcast-show.


DAVID ICKE: Where was the first Chinese city, 5G onlyThe foreground, which broke virus? Wuhan.

LANGFITT: In fact, in Wuhan, was one of the first cities in China to test 5G. And it doesn’t really matter, because there is no evidence linking the two. Rahman, the orientation of the 5G says

RAHMAN: people are scared. People are encouraged to change your life in ways that were inconceivable a few months ago. And in any case, as the lockdown measures, on a rail, you know, more seriously, claims to be more extreme.

LANGFITT: Rahman said, false claims that cell networks damage the health for years. Some people believe them, because they were things that you were once said for sure, such as asbestos, it turned out to be dangerous. But as one scientist put it, to a local newspaper here, damage from mobile phone masts is now how to knock a hole in your lifeboat, while your ship is sinking. Frank Langfitt, NPR News.

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