5 reasons to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 rather than series 5 (and 3 reasons not to)

5 reasons to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 rather than series 5 (and 3) reasons

If you are looking to buy a new Apple watch, you probably have the eyes on the 5 series that just landed. And as we mentioned in our review, if you buy one, you will not be disappointed. But what you may not know is that Apple is also the sale of his least expensive watch that ever, in addition to its flagship wearable. the price of The 38mm series 3 Apple Watch was slashed to $199, half the price of the Series 5, and one of the lowest price smartwatches you get oil to both sides of the aisle.

The question is, should you go all-in on the top-of-the-line Apple Watch, or save a bundle from the 3-series?

Why you should buy a-series 3-series 5

It has many of the same sensors

While Apple does not advertise the series 5 PM, as the next generation of wearables, it is really not that difference from the series 4 will be replaced or the series 3, it is still sold. With both watches you get a optical heart sensor, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi chip, altimeter, emergency, SOS, speaker, Wi-Fi, LTE, and water resistance up to 50 meters. The series 5 clock adds a compass, an ECG sensor, and a better heart sensor, but for the most part, you do the same stuff with both watches. And for $100 more, you can also the same LTE connectivity, the series 5.

It has the same battery life

One of the biggest gripes about the Apple Watch—the just complain, really—that you need to charge it every day. This has not changed with the series 5. While Apple is an always-on display has managed, without a hit on battery life, you will always buy the same 18 hours or so of use, no matter which model you have.

This supports watchOS 6

If you are buying a Series 3, watch, it will probably be running watchOS 5 out of the box, but rest assured, it doesn’t have to stay there. WatchOS 6 is already available and you can also watch you update your series 3 will see immediately brings cool new features such as activity trends, time-tracking, and an on-the App Store. All said, it is a great upgrade, the your the serial the 3 o’clock feel much newer than it is.

It uses the same bands

While the Apple-Watch-series-3 page shows only a small number of band options for the sale, don’t fret: Every band that Apple sells, for series 5 is compatible with series 3: bow, leather, Hermes, made of stainless steel, whatever your fancy.

you can make money Perhaps the biggest reason to buy a Series 3 Apple Watch over a series of 5 save for next year

with the money you would save With an always-on display, the series 5 upgrade is not so exciting, but next year release is, could be, with double-tracking, better battery, smart bands, and the virtual keys are all rumored to be in development. So, the $200 save you this year, money well spent could be next September.

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apple watch-series-5-watch-band Apple

Why you should have a set of 5 buy in series 3

It is an always-on display

The biggest upgrade to the series 4 watch the most wanted feature: an always-on display. Thanks to a new, Low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxide OLED, Apple is able to keep the clock face visible, without waiver of its 18-hour battery life.

tested and I have my fair share of watches with always-on displays, and Apple’s method is different than anything I’ve seen, with color, complications and an intelligent sense of security. Where the Series 3 watch in black and lifeless, not to be for most of the day, the Series 5 display eye-catching, even if it is on the search.

It has a larger screen and more options

The 40mm and 44mm watch sizes, introduced by the series with 4 more with 5, while the series 3 is still 38mm and 42mm The larger size, it will not remain that noticeable on the wrist, but the extra screen: the display of the series of 5 watch more than 30 percent greater than the Series 3 so that it fills more of the face. Plus it has rounded corners, so that full-screen-watches and photos look great.

you also have the possibility of more options with the 5 series. While the series 3 is available in silver and space grey Aluminium, the 5 series comes in gold, ceramic, titanium, and stainless steel. Of course, you will have to pay extra for it.

you can’t fit more stuff

” memory is usually a Problem when picking a watch, but with a new on-wrist App Store, downloaded a lot more apps than before. And these apps need storage space. On the Series 3 o’clock, you get only 8 GB of storage (16 GB, if you upgrade to LTE), of which about 5.5 GB is available for storage. Throw in some music and a few podcasts, and it can fill up pretty quickly. Not to worry if you want, clearing out have place on your watch, the series-5 model comes with 32 GB of storage, which should be more than enough for your app and music needs.

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