4 home automation services, the needs of each homeowner – KSAT 12

4 home automation services that every homeowner needs – KSAT 12

This article is sponsored by the Jon Wayne Service company. 

As the technology gets more advanced, to be houses, smarter, and you can now control your home from your smartphone or tablet./p>

house and apartment owners have all the luxury and comfort, to be in control of your lights, thermostat, hot water heating -, sanitary -, heating -, ventilation-and air conditioning, without a home.

, If you are a house owner and you are interested in a complete a smart home, here are four services that you need.

toSmart scheduling

With a smart thermostat schedule allows you to control the temperature in your house, which suits to your life style. 

damage warnings

, If you have a leak in your home, damage to your alerts will be sent to your phone when detection occurred. Damage warnings you can prevent costly damage to your home. 

location automation 

, you Have set your thermostat to energy-saving mode based on the location of your mobile device. 


Receive SMS or E-Mail-know notifications, save when certain devices accessed, or a system in your home might need.

The Jon Wayne Service company now offers to control a comprehensive smart home system, which allows you to what you need, stay informed, what is important, and always you have visited the home, all about your SmartHome app. 

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