2020 should have been huge for phones. Now Samsung, Apple are at a crossroads – CNET

2020 should have been huge for phones. Now Samsung, Apple are at a crossroads – CNET


hold The cell phone-world is mostly on to.

Angela Long/CNET

the spread of The Corona Virus around the globe, the mobile industry sputtering, one in the vicinity has brought a halt, just as it began to spin up for a potentially blockbuster season. From my Position as a CNET phone reviewer the need to scale back destructive, but necessary, since COVID-is 19 a serious nature. But while the industry scrambles to plan your next steps, there is a, what can brands do: Engage you in the possibility of the realignment of your portfolio, designs, and campaigns on the features that matter.

that was the year that 5G-ready devices intended were to go mainstream, and foldable mobile phones were to prove their right to exist. 2020 would be to top-tier phones, the adoption of groundbreaking features for photography and 8K video recording, we thought to include. But then COVID-19 hit and the dominoes, the huge events like the Mobile World Congress and Google I/O on the way. Others, like Apple’s WWDC, move online.

phone releases not yet completely flatlined. To out dribble some of the brands more, announcements, and critique units. Oppo, for example, turned to an online press conference for the presentation of the new search 2X. Huawei launches its P40 Pro flagship phone, online, this Thursday, 26. March.

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to sell

Savvy brands, what you can do in less-affected countries, and to the home buyers tied to the search for the sweet embrace of retail therapy. 

But, during downtime, cell phone brands, which have a chance to delete the bloatware to rethink the old ways of doing things, the constant need to push out X products Y times per year. 

Take the Galaxy S20 phones. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus and default-Galaxy-S20 premium features introduced, such as 5G, with on Board, a Snapdragon-865-chipset, a 120-Hz refresh rate, and new photography tools. But the phones are very expensive (the entry-level S20 doesn’t cost $1000 for the full retail price) and at the end of the day, they are well worth the upgrade from the Galaxy Note 10, or even Galaxy S10 series.

Maybe it’s better to take a break from the high-speed cycle we want at the current tape cell phones, whether or not. 


can benefit from Foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold 2 and Razr 2, the most

Foldable phones cycles probably the biggest beneficiary of the news and production slows down to a stop. Since then, the Samsung Galaxy like wrinkles introduction in 2019, flip-phones, behind the initial expectations, long hours, staggering price tags and half-baked features is the shock-dominated rows. 

the development of foldable mobile phones, Stop pushing on the long Bank. But the phone makers to buy more time so that you can start at a more moderate pace, as soon as companies again. 

a slowdown in the release of foldables could wind up saving them from the deadly level of critical examination we saw with the early Galaxy wrinkles make units, and with the Motorola Razr, whose excellent concept simply could not live up to a lack of execution.

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The sweet spot between challenge and opportunity

I would love it if mobile phone brands would use this time to step back, if the engineers were to create the license and room, really brave, exciting and solidly built devices. 

But the truth is that any disturbance in the distribution is likely to leave companies reeling, to support loss of revenue due to the ramp-up of production of the new phones as fast as you can. And in the near term, engineers are feeling probably the distance, such as factories and businesses remain closed and employees are limited to working online than in labs. That goes double for all of the top-secret projects locked away in secure offices.

Tests and roll-outs are advised If the 5G to a halt, it won’t, develop for brands in a prototype, and staff can work together to design and implementation. There is the very real possibility that the Corona Virus outbreak to delay the phone’s progress to plan rather than designers give the time ahead.

It is generally rumored that Sir Isaac Newton had his theory of gravity during an outbreak of the plague. With a little luck, at least a luminary in the ranks of Apple, Google, Samsung and all the other an ‘ a-ha! the moment in the midst of all this chaos.


There are still rumors that Apple might release a cheaper phone, the iPhone 9, online later this year.

Angela Long/CNET

Released on Tue, 24 March 2020 12:00:13 +0000

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