2020 iPhone rumors: Four new iPhone models?

2020 iPhone rumors: Four new iPhone models?

The 2019 models of the iPhone still not even officially announced yet, and we’re already starting to see reports about what will be in the year 2020, iPhones. We have selected, the noteworthy ones here, but take this with a large grain of salt. Even if these reports are accurate representations of what the suppliers say, or it can come from moles within Apple itself, the company’s plans can and must change. There is still plenty of time before the design and features have been sculpted in stone.

Update 12/2/19: Apple could the release of four new iPhone models next year.

The latest rumor: 4 new models of iPhone in the year 2020

CNBC has a J. P. Morgan analyst report, stating that Apple could be the release of four new iPhone models in the fall of 2020. This is a change from Apple’s current lineup of three models.

The J. P. Morgan report says that the new iPhones will support, 5G, with two high-end models (with a 6.1-inch and a 6.7 inch) support for mmWave, as well as a triple-lens camera and “world of 3D sensing.” Two low-end models (with a 6.1-inch, a 5.4-inch) is not lens mmWave or world, the 3D-sensing, and is a dual-camera.

All four iPhone models have OLEDs. At the end of November ETNews reported that Apple with OLED displays from Samsung that are thinner than the displays currently being used. How will that impact on the overall thickness of the iPhone remains to be seen. While Apple could use the iPhone itself is thin, it is also possible that Apple, the newfound space could introduce, some other new technology, or to increase the size of the battery.

The J. P. Morgan report also says that in the year 2021, Apple could be about to change, as it releases iPhones. The company could decide to release phones twice a year, instead of the single release in the autumn.

farewell to the notch

Only a day, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, teased an iPhone 4-look for the next handset, Twitter leakster Ben Geskin, who has a solid track record for rumors, is a picture of what he claims to have written “one of the 2020 iPhone prototypes.” The post does not have a ton of information, but Geskin, says the image, is a mobile phone with a “with 6.7-inch display with Face ID, and true depth camera system is located in the upper front panel.”

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gesking iphone rumors @bengeskin

Twitter leakster Ben Geskin posted a picture of what he claims is a notch-less iPhones could be coming in 2020.

the size of The phone fits with a previous Kuo rumor, but that’s not what caught our eye. You don’t need to look closely to see that there is no notch on the rendering, which means Apple would have to shrink the true depth camera system, the aperture at the top of the screen. This is not implausible—especially if the bezels are a little thicker than they are now. Plus, that would certainly qualify as “significant” design overhaul, as Kuo said, comes. Admittedly, Geskin says the image is “one of the 2020 iPhone-prototype”, which means that you may never see the light of day, but the color fascinates us.

iPhone 4-style redesign, in-depth

We still have a long way to go until the iPhone 12 his debut, but there is a reason to be excited. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that next year the iPhone is always a serious design overhaul. He is light on specifics, but he compares it with the iPhone 4, which just so happens to be one of the best iPhone designs of all times. Specifically, Kuo the front and rear 2/2 says“.5 D glass are still used, but the metal frame surface be changed to a similar design for the iPhone 4, to replace the current surface design.”

this means That the 2020 iPhone could look like a small iPad Pro, that would be quite a change from the current curved look. Kuo does not say whether the score would go, but we have to assume it is at least getting smaller and smaller, especially since he noted that the “2H20 (second half of 2020) iPhone design will change significantly.” So, if you were disappointed that the iPhone 11, a bit looked too much like the XR, you might want to wait to, another… checks calendar… 11 months.

5G for all

While 5G is practically a certainty for the 2020 iPhone, the first round of rumors claims that the next-generation modem would be restricted to the flagship models, so the XR (or whatever it’s called then) would still slum it with LTE. After the acquisition of Intel-smartphone-modem-team for a cool billion dollars, these expectations have changed. Now, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that all three models have a 5G modem on Board.

The reason is simple: Apple doesn’t want to miss the boat. While 5G of the high-end Android phones is limited to a few models this year, Kuo sees the 5G is becoming a lot more commonplace, in the case of Apple, the peers, the management of the company to ramp-up the development of 5G. In particular, he  sees;the prices for 5G Android smartphones “a decline of $249-349 USD in 2H20,” which will provide the pressure on Apple, the support for the fast network in all three in next year’s iPhones. Kuo is also of the opinion that the new team will be around to facilitate 2,000 members of Intel’s smartphone-modem-division of Apple, the development of 5G.

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But it will not come cheap. While most of the Android phones is the support for “sub-6Ghz” 5G will be many who do not support the higher bandwidth mmWave, which means you need to buy a new cell phone, if your network supports this. Apple iPhone modem is allegedly the two frequencies, substantially to the future security, it is for the 5G supports rollout. But this probably means that the iPhone costs even more. To pay, whether that means that there will be a higher starting point, or the 5G option is not simply another animal, is clear, but you should definitely expect to pay more for 5G in your iPhone.

advertising on iPhone

Apple-iPad-Pro-models had shows “action” for a few years now. It is a special LCD Display with a refresh rate up to 120 Hz, along with adaptive refresh-rate scaling. So far, the function is not come to iPhone: All iPhones-function displays locked to the refresh frequency to 60 Hz.

A well-known leaker of Samsung-news on Twitter, ice universe, claims that Apple will offer in talks with Samsung and LG, a switchable 60Hz/120Hz display for the 2020 iPhones. One would assume that these OLED displays, since there is nothing particularly groundbreaking about the variable refresh-rate or high-refresh-rate LCDs.

ice iphone 120hz rumor @UniverrseIce

iPhones get “action” shows next year?

It is also unclear whether this display would have been true to do adaptive refresh rates than the promotional displays on the iPad professionals, or whether it is switching between 60Hz and 120Hz mode.

Time-of-Flight camera in the back

asserts A recent report by Digitimes that “Apple has allegedly asked to deliver its supply-chain partners VCSEL components for use in rear-ToF-camera lens in its mobile devices to be released in 2020, according to chain sources of supply.”

We have heard this rumor before, both of Bloomberg ‘ s Mark Gurman, and Debby Wu, in a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

VCSEL stands for a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. It is a type of semiconductor that emits a low-power laser (typically infrared, so that people can’t see it). It is in many consumer devices today, for easy range-finding; assistance in the area of augmented reality, Apple, the use of a more complex chip would be, the fires of a large grid of lasers, then the time-of-flight measures for the light to determine distance. Effectively, this would be a low-res “image production”, in which each pixel has depth information instead of color.

It is a more efficient way to a much more accurate 3D representation of the scene in front of the camera, which is useful in the calculation of the photography, and especially in augmented reality.

Three models, new sizes, all of the OLED –

As MacRumors, often accurate analyst Ming reported-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will stick with the three-model range introduced with the iPhone XS, XS, Max and XR last September, but the size can be changed. According to Kuo, the new models have a 5.4-, 6.1-and 6.7-inch screens will be OLED, with all models getting the treatment. Would bring the iPhone to XR (or whatever it’s called by then) up to speed with the other models.

Together with the XR ‘ s OLED-upgrade, the other two iPhone models as well as new images. The iPhone-XS-Max increase from 6.5 cm to 6.7 cm, what is to be expected in the Wake of the Samsung S10 5G, but the iPhone-XS are in fact getting smaller and smaller. According to Kuo, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS descent to 5.4 inches, a significant downgrade from the current size. Kuo does not provide an explanation for Apple’s decision, but presumably it would create even more space between the XS and the 6.1-inch XR. And it would throw a bone to the people there for the return of the iPhone-SE.

5G modem on the way

rumored to be As before that Apple is likely to attach to 5G modems to the 2020 iPhone, though Kuo says the faster connectivity is limited to the XS-and XS-Max, with the XR, keeping LTE 4G for at least a year. He also notes that Apple is working on its own 5G modem, which the company hopes will be ready by the year 2022 or 2023. 

Now, Apple has settled, it’s been a long-running feud with Qualcomm, it should be back on the track, the use of the company is the second-generation 5G modem in 2020 iPhones. For Apple modems, the 5G future in doubt, has been exclusively with Intel, since Intel missing, allegedly held important 5G-development milestones.

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