20 beautiful PC games, you punish your graphics card

To make 20 beautiful PC games that you could punish your graphics card

There are two reasons, Dishonored 2 ($40 on Humble) this list. It is more of humour: It can PC literally to punish her. At the release of Dishonored 2 knocked was optimized for bad, with the game all kinds of stuttering and bugs suffering. These problems are mostly resolved, if you are still seeing scattered claims on Steam for poor performance—and the game can carry in fact, if you try to run maxed it out.

aside, the lackluster PC port, however, and Dishonored 2 is already an impressive piece of work. Its missions art pieces I have never seen in any game, such as the movement of Villa, a house that is formed as you slide traverse through it, all the walls in the floor and new passages to the pull of a lever. The writing is not better than in the first Dishonored (and, in some cases, it is worse), but the level design at least makes a Deus Ex: mankind Divided look archaic in comparison.

arcane to the prey ($40 released on Humble Remove product link) in the year 2017. It is worth noting, because the port has been running (on average) quite a bit better than Dishonored 2, and looks visually stunning. If you prefer to System Shock 2, thief, space, perspectives of the pseudo-Victorian “whale punk,” then you will be sure that you loot. ($40 on Humble). It is fantastic—the games presumably in 2017 top.

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