0.106.3: Coronavirus-integration (COVID-19), keep track of the outbreak

0.106.3: Coronavirus-integration (COVID-19), to track the outbreak

In December 2019, an outbreak of a novel coronavirus confirmed
also called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2
(SARS-CoV 2),
began in the region in Wuhan, China. This virus can be the cause of the

This novel Coronavirus is spreading worldwide at an alarming rate holds,
everyone on the top of the news. The world’s media for the dissemination of
the virus is constantly changing, and many people keep track of the number of cases
in your country.

This special Version contains the Coronavirus-integration,
so that you can keep track of the outbreak from within of the house wizard.

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The Coronavirus-integration

During a meeting with Nabu-Casa,
we met talking a lot about the state of the virus spreading in
the countries we live in. This brought us to the topic of being able to
keep track of the virus in the Home-Assistant itself.

So together, we are working on an integration immediately. We decided to
you bring a special release of Home wizard, which includes this integration.

The Coronavirus integration keeps track of the number of people with confirmed
recovered and deceased caused by the virus, in your country or worldwide.

The data comes from the Johns Hopkins University.

Screenshot of the Coronavirus integration in Home Assistant
Screenshot of the Coronavirus integration in Home Assistant.

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The Coronavirus-integration


This connection can be configured, via the Home Assistant frontend.



  • Go to configuration -> integration.
  • the

  • Click on + in the lower right corner to add a new integration.
  • the

  • browse to and select the Corona-Virus integration from the list.
  • the

  • follow the on-screen instructions to add the sensors. Either you choose to add
    world-wide-sensors, or a specific set of sensors for your country.

If you want to keep track of both in the world and one or more countries at the same time,
repeat the configuration process described above to add multiple
Instances of the integration.

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For the latest information on Coronavirus, be sure you check the website
the world health organization. Of that provides,
good information on
basic protection measures
You can

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